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Product Review: Vertimax

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The Vertimax is a piece of equipment that I have become familiar with in the past couple of months.During that short period of time I have developed a great appreciation for this piece of equipment.The Vertimax offers each athlete hundreds of resistance settings from several different angles.The basic idea behind the Vertimax is to allow sport specific movements with the addition of resistance through several planes of motion.While this is a great aspect of the device it also offers the user a chance to isolate almost any major muscle group of the body.

One of the features that I like most about the Vertimax is the cushioning system on the platform.The platform itself is made of a very absorbent rubberized material and underneath offers eight shock absorbers.This key feature will allow the athlete to train with a reduced chance of developing overuse injuries that are often caused when performing work on a hard surface.The exercise options on a Vertimax are nearly endless.With the numerous options of resistance you can take a very basic exercise like a lunge and force the athlete to perform the exercise in a way that causes greater muscular demand due to the balance aspect forced by different angles of resistance.

The Vertimax also offers additional attachments which allow resistance to be placed on the ankles, hands, wrists and almost any other body part.These additions are great for any type of sport specific movement.An example would be adding hand attachments to a basketball player and then having them perform a squat jump while catching a basketball at the highest point to mimic the act of rebounding.On their website (www.vertimax.com) all of the various models are listed.The models range from $1795 for the most basic model to $2795 for the top end model.

With the most expensive model the athlete gains many training options.You can even step down off the platform and perform sprints, starts, and various other resisted movements with several levels and angles of resistance.Adding in other equipment can also allow for more exercise options, a plyo box in front is great for leg drives.While placing cones at various angles in front of the platform can give the athlete a simple yet effective agility drill.

The one downside to the Vertimax is the transition time that it takes to get one athlete set up and ready.This would be a great product for coaches and trainers who work with smaller groups due to the transition time.Although I would still highly recommend that any strength coach seriously look into purchasing one of these pieces it may be difficult to manage a large team with only one Vertimax in your weight room.Overall I would give this product 2 thumbs up and recommend it to those who are looking to add a great new aspect to their training program.

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