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Usain Bolt Hang Cleans…..Kind Of

Does this video mean that it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have God-given ability? The technique of Bolt’s hang cleans is laughable, yet he’s the fastest man in the world. Obviously the hang clean didn’t make him that explosive because he doesn’t even use his lower body. We have to assume that an athlete of this caliber has access to the best coaching in the world, yet this is what he does? Hmmm. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen coaches who are OK with this, and might even extrapolate a projected max based on this set. Hahaha. Sad, but true.


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One Response to Usain Bolt Hang Cleans…..Kind Of

  1. Stoyanoff June 29, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    Thats funny how you mentioned a coach may project an estimated max off of this number of reps. I see it all of the time.The first thing I think about is, the higher the number is of reps for the projected max, the less accurate the max will be.If the quality of the reps are poor, the reliability of the projected max will be very poor.I remember specifically one instance where a strength coach claimed to have athletes power/hang cleaning 500+ pounds…later to find out the number was based off of a projected max using 315 for reps. Slightly misleading….