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Tony Rolinski – Notre Dame Hockey

Whether you’ve been following our series of influential strength coaches or noticed his name on our Advisory Team, you’ve undoubtedly seen the name Tony Rolinksi on this site. Tony is the Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports at Notre Dame, and he is one of the top coaches in the country. Rolinski has been in the strength game for 20 years, and his experience pays off for the teams he works with.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/simple-ads-manager/db.php It’s one thing to hear about a good coach, but it’s even better to see him/her in action. Most people never get the opportunity to watch a great coach in person, so we have to rely on cute little videos or word of mouth descriptions of what happens in the weight room. This video of Coach Rolinksi taking his hockey team through a workout is one of the more realistic depictions of a quality coach in action. The clips they put together are a great representation of the way Tony coaches and commands a room. Take a look at the video to learn some of his cues, his thoughts, and the way he interacts with his athletes.


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