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Isometric Training for Specific Results by Adam Gentry

Www Buy Diazepam Online Org I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day.  He’s a basketball strength coach at a Big East school, and as you would assume, he has his hands full with long, lengthy athletes, with poor postural control.  If you’ve ever worked with basketball, you know what I’m talking about, a bunch of […]

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Bench Press

Need a “Buffet” Workout?

Diet Pills Category Buy Phentermine Online Sometimes we need workouts that allow for great variability when the only thing consistent with the lifter is the amount of inconsistency. They might miss a couple workouts here and there. Maybe you need to put something together that’s extremely convenient to coach, because you have one high school skier who wants to lift at […]

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Choose and Coach Meaningful Weights

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/contact,selvagee1 How do you choose your working weight or how do you Coach it? The weight that you put on the bar for your sets of back squat, bench press, barbell deadlift, trap-bar squat…how do you choose it? I used to be surprised when kids gave me the cross-eyed look and responded with, “However we feel […]

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