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Defensive Back Agility

http://bandarbaju.com/cart?remove_item=9c42d4338e4e653d3ad3f12340edf005 Agility drills for defensive backs.  Footwork and hip-turning techniques for teaching defensive backs how to move smoothly. If you spend any time working with football players and coaches, you constantly hear them talking about the hips and footwork of their athletes, especially defensive backs.  I can’t tell you how many times I listen to coaches […]

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Wil Fleming – Speed & Agility Drills Defined

http://dynamotaxi.com/wp-content/plugins/thecartpress/checkout/CheckoutEditor.php?tcp_save_fields=true Speed & Agility Drills Defined – How do you go about selecting speed and agility drills for your athletes daily use and instruction? If you were like me you would choose the ones that you like, equal parts lateral and linear and then write them in the program.  You would probably use some progressions from […]

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How Do I Run Faster?

Athletes and coaches often ask me questions about how to run faster.  Because I’ve written a lot about the subject, I understand why they’re asking, but the answer can get a little complicated.  Some athletes spend years working on speed development, and there are so many factors that it’s difficult to answer the question quickly.  […]

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Agility Drill: 4-cone Up & Over Drill

http://bisnisbajumu.com/tag/kaos-anak-muslim-lucu Jim Kielbaso goes through an agility drill and several variations that can be used for just about any sport. Examples are given for different sports, but the possibilities are endless. The basic concept is to include a short acceleration burst, followed by a change of direction, then another burst. This will allow you to work […]

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