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Defensive Back Agility

Agility drills for defensive backs.  Footwork and hip-turning techniques for teaching defensive backs how to move smoothly. If you spend any time working with football players and coaches, you constantly hear them talking about the hips and footwork of their athletes, especially defensive backs.  I can’t tell you how many times I listen to coaches […]

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KVB Avril Muhl with Jim

Training NFL Players During the Lockout – Jim Kielbaso

http://bandarbaju.com/tag/celana-kulot-batik-jogja?s= Because of the NFL lockout, I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with several players over the past couple of months. Several of the Detroit Lions have gotten together to train with me at Total Performance, and a lot of people have been asking me what they’ve been doing.At this point in their training year, […]

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Agility 2

Agility Drill: 4-cone Up & Over Drill

http://naturesown.co.za/product/bupleurum-100ml/?add-to-cart=21533 Jim Kielbaso goes through an agility drill and several variations that can be used for just about any sport. Examples are given for different sports, but the possibilities are endless. The basic concept is to include a short acceleration burst, followed by a change of direction, then another burst. This will allow you to work […]

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In-Season Strength Training Program for High School Football

http://boldmarketing.com/listing/139-westwood-dr-n-golden-valley/ In-season strength training is something that is often neglected or mis-understood in high school football. Many coaches pull way back and stop lifting as soon as the season starts. Other coaches feel like they should be able to keep going just as hard as they were over the summer. Coaches need to find a balance […]

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