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Summer Football Program

Summer is approaching, and I know the local high school coaches are gearing up for some productive work.  Summer is a really busy time for our business, each summer we will run between 7-10 high school football programs.  Some places we just do speed/agility/conditioning work, some we just do weight room work, but with most programs we do both.

Buy Alprazolam Online Cod For the football coaches out there, planning your summer out can be a serious challenge.  Some common obstacles to overcome include paying coaches for their time, finding time for skill work, keeping your participation numbers up, and maintaining morale on hot humid days.  Consistent attendance is a serious obstacle; kids go on vacations, or sleep in late.  It is not uncommon for numbers to fluctuate wildly each week.  This makes it tough to plan out your strength training program.  You start finding yourself teaching the same stuff every day and never moving past square one which is why I try to keep it very vanilla so everyone is on the same page.

http://learnwithojo.com/category/stem/feed/ I want to take a few minutes and talk about how we go about planning and executing our summer football plans and then provide you with a basic template to follow.

Football conditioning http://grosirrumahan.com/baju-anak-modis.html Getting Organized

http://naturesown.co.za/product-category/biosync-sport/page/3/?add-to-cart=24858 From the very start, here are the questions we have to answer:

  • How many days per week
  • How much time for each session (60/90/120 min)
  • How many athletes
  • What type of facilities do we have access to (turf field/gymnasium/weight room)
  • What type of equipment is available in the weight room

Without answers to these questions, it is impossible to have a well-organized plan.  We do not allow sloppiness, which is why programs bring us in to help them out.  If you want to give your kids the tools to be successful, you need to be organized and you need to execute.

Buy Bulk Xanax Online Here is an example of an ideal situation.

  • 3 days/week for 90 minutes
  • 45 minutes of speed/agility/conditioning
  • 45 minutes of strength training
  • 40-50 athletes
  • Access to turf field
  • Access to weight room with at least 4 squat racks, 4 trap bars, 4 bench presses, and a decent variety of dumbbells.

Xanax Online Australia Large Groups

Genuine Valium Online Uk If the number of athletes is too great to manage effectively, consider a few options

  • Break your groups in half and have one half start on the field and other half start in the weight room.  This requires Buy Xanax India AT LEAST 2 competent coaches to get the job done, but also allows you to function with the smallest time commitment.
  • Break your group in half.  Have half start 30 minutes earlier in the weight room.  Everyone does speed work together.  Then the second group finishes in the weight room.  This is probably the best option and it only adds an extra 45 minutes or so onto your schedule.
  • Break your groups up by day.  Have half do M/W/F and half do T/Th/F.  On Friday with the bigger group, spend more time on the field running competitive drills and doing fitness work.  This is the least desirable option, as it adds many additional hours onto your schedule.  However, it also offers the ability to break up by position/age/ability/ect.

http://junction25.com/wso.php On the field, large groups are no problem.  I can easily (well, not sooooo easily) manage groups of 100+ kids at one time.  Sure I’ll be sweaty and lose my voice, but the job can be done.  The weight room is a different story.  My max for a high school weight room (depending on the coaches/equipment/facility available) is about 48 kids.

http://artists-atelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/roussillon-autumn800@2x.jpg The Program

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk A well organized, balanced, and intelligent strength training program is one of the most important elements of developing a successful high school football program.  There were some very important adjectives in there, did you catch them……… c698c0515075a7b74a67d69003b736a2 organized, balanced, and intelligent.   To me, this means, having a simple plan with exercises that can be taught and performed safely in large group settings.  Exercises that can be progressively loaded up without hindering work on the field.  And exercises that will have a meaningful carryover to the playing field.

I am going to include a sample program below.  It is nothing fancy.  Simple exercises that I can coach and that get the job done.  This plan is based around having 48 kids in a weight room with 4 racks, 4 benches, 4 trap bars, and decent dumbbells.  With that many kids, time is a priority, we don’t have time to sit around and rest between sets.  We need to be productive with every minute.

Phentermine Online With Mastercard Here is how I structure those groups:

  • 48 kids = 3 groups of 16 = 3x ( 4 groups of 4).
  • Each group of 4 starts at 1/2/3 and cycles through ABCD
  • After completing the cycle 3-4 times, everyone moves together 1 to 2 to 3 to 1.
  • Each day the emphasis changes and rotates between lifts.
  • Day 1 squat fast/press heavy/trap bar reps. Day 2 press fast/trap bar heavy/squat reps. Ect.
  • Sets and reps may vary between weeks.  If we are having a hard time moving through quickly, I may run it on the clock.  12 minutes per cycle and rotate through.
1A. Squat 2A. Bench Press 3A. Trap Bar Squat/RDL
1B. Plate Jump 2B. DB Row 3B. DB FWD/BWD Lunge
1C.TRX/Ball Leg Curl 2C. DB Side raise/Shrug 3C. Pull Ups
1D. Rest/Spot 2D. Rest/Spot 3D. Rest

I know a lot of you are saying, “Wait, we are missing so many exercises in there, this isn’t a complete program!”  Fair enough, this is a basic template.  What I have not included is that we are doing our Neck as a group out on the field, and that I usually will steal the last 5-10 minutes of each day to do additional upper back/shoulder/core work.  Also, I manipulate the reps and sets each day to match our training goals (speed/heavy/reps).  If your kids are putting consistent effort and focus into this basic program, at the end of the summer, they will be stronger and that was the goal wasn’t it?

Real simple stuff, but like I have said 100 times before, high school strength training NEEDS to be simple.  It needs to be consistent.  If we have too many variables nothing gets accomplished.  Try to make your summer program too fancy with 80 kids in the weight room and you will have a whole lot of standing around and a whole lot of nothing getting accomplished.

Next week I will detail how I structure some of our summer speed/agility/conditioning work.   If you have any thoughts on your summer program, whether it be good or bad ideas you have tried before, please share them with us so we can all learn together and provide our young athletes with the best possible experience.


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