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Strong Content of The Week: 5/20/14

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 Another week has gone by, and boy was it filled with a variety of some great content.  I love the strength coach community because everyone wants to help promote each other and educate their audience.  That audience consists of many different online outlets, some of the articles featured on the list were posted by the people I follow on facebook.  I also love the chatter in the comments of each post, its great to see everyone (most people) sharing their different viewpoints and good conversation regarding the topic.

This week I want unveil a new piece to my strong content column, a piece that I know will provide A TON of value to anyone checking this out each week.  I wanted something that could provide readers content they can apply immediately.  I actually got the idea from Coach Ron Mckeefery’s Iron Game Chalk Talk podcast that he puts out each week.  Towards the end of each interview Coach asks each guest for a quote they live by or have plastered in their weight room, an app, a website, and a book.  I love the idea because its easy information for the listener to take away, its also a way to figure out how each coach betters themself.  But the biggest factor is, its content that no matter the level of the Coach listening, they can use it right away.

So naturally, I reached out to Coach Mckeefrey first, to ask him 3 of my own questions.  Questions I feel can provide this same level of take away.  I really appreciate his quick response and well thought out answers.  Check out what coach had to say:

1)       What is one thing a strength coach must know or learn how to do well, but is not necessarily something taught in an exercise science program curriculum?  (Social media, technology, psychology, certain style of lifting, etc.)

Every strength coach must be qualified, passionate, and hard working.  Unfortunately most young strength coaches believe this is what separates them from the pack.  To be a great strength coach you must be a great technician, manager, and entrepreneur.  Most young coaches are great technicians, they like lifting and know how to teach others how to lift.  However, once they become Head Strength Coaches and must manage people, time, resources, etc they struggle.  We went to school to understand the human body, rarely have we taken classes on management, accounting, etc.  Beyond that you must always be forward thinking, an entrepreneur.  Your program must constantly be evolving.

2)      Looking at the product you are receiving from the high school level, what is just one thing that could be done better at the high school level?

We have tremendous and caring high school coaches across the country.  They balance teaching, coaching, weight room, and their own families.  They are well intended, but sometimes mis informed.  Right now the perception is that the kids need to lift a ton of weight to get college scholarships, the reality is that most college strength coaches would prefer to get a blank canvas.  I would encourage coaches to take a slow approach and stress the importance of technique and total body development over bigger Bench, Squats, and Cleans.

3)      Lastly, what is one thing that makes your day as a strength coach easier?

There is no easy day when you are a strength coach.  The thing that brightens your day is when athletes unsolicited come to your office to hang out.  The relationship with players is why 99.9% of the strength coaches do what they do.

Iron Game Chalk Talk is something that I personally check out each week, and if you have not checked it out yet, I strongly suggest you do so immediately.  I have actually included this weeks interview with Dan Jonh below as Strong Content of The Week.  Again, I want to thank Coach Mckeefery for his taking time to give even more back to this community.  Make sure you go check his website http://RonMckeefery.com/ to check out what he has going on and all the back episodes of IGCT.  You can also find him on twitter @RMckeefery.

Check out the rest of the this weeks content below:


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