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Strong Content of The Week: 7/31/14


http://junction25.com/watch-full-movie-online-to-the-bone-2017 It’s already August?!  Sure enough, today marks the last day of July, and I for one want to know where this year has gone.  Just yesterday we were walking out on to the field of a few different high schools, for day one of our summer training.  All of sudden, camps have started, athlete’s have increased performance, and before you know it the lights will be shining bright on Friday night.  I know it has been a couple weeks since the last installment, and I am sure most of you demand an apology, but I will not do it.  This weeks post will surely make up as its full of great content from those last couple weeks.

First I wanted to share a quote that I just stubled upon while reading up on some college football season previews.  To put it in context, this quote is from one of the seniors at Ohio State, speaking about his coach, Urban Myer.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/theme-configurator/mini.php “I remember that last year he didn’t want anybody to ask the question, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Just do it. It wastes time to ask why.’ This year, he’s like, ‘We’re going to teach you the why so you are more open to it and you accept it.’ ”

Valium Ohne Rezept Online This quote isn’t profound or extremely deep, but it had me thinking about some different situations I have been apart of this summer.  I whole heartily believe that a successful coach in any situation, and at any level, should and will have the respect from his/her team.  Do I think that this trust should be given automatically? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  The quote to me represents a transition in mentality.  Something that takes most coaches a lot longer than 1 year to typically realize.  I see novice coaches who demand a lot, but give the athletes no reason to believe in them.  Simply reading your resume to a group of teenagers, will most likely not get them to drink the Kool-Aid.

Does Urban Myer have the resume to come in and demand something without reason and expect compliance? Probably.  But we must remember that these young men have all spent the previous 4 years being coached by someone who is held in the same regard, and could have been delivering a completely different message.  This is where that last part “We’re going to teach you the WHY so you are more open to it and accpet it” is so important.  Giving the athlete the why lets them figure out how important it is to them, and why they should be spending their sweat equity day in and day out.

http://junction25.com/movie-chit-ozinho-xoror-ao-vivo-em-garibaldi This approach to coaching can take many forms, but the overlying similarity must be the fact that the team understands the purpose, and are on board. Figuring out how to demonstrate the importance of each piece of plan and how it will accomplish the overlying goal will not always be easy.  But it will sure resonate with the team over the phrase “because I said so”.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/upspy/index.php I hope you all enjoy this weeks content as much as I did.  I would love your comments below on any topics included!

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