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Strong Content of The Week: 6/3/14


http://tamaralounge.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580999699.4244859218597412109375 Welcome to my 4th go around of Strong Content from the previous week.  I figured I would start off with just a few random thoughts that went through my head while compiling the list for you guys this week.

First thought:  I am extremely envious of the mail that I am assuming Bret Contreras receives on a daily basis.  He posted just one days worth of testimonials from his email and Facebook, and I am pretty positive each one was humble bragging about how much size he helped  put on their derriere by following his programming.  Bret has just released this month’s Strength & Conditioning Research Review, I included the preview that he has posted on his site, and fully encourage anyone who may find reading research articles a bit on the dry side to DEFINITELY check out the product he puts out further.  The ability to take the research and lay it out so anyone could not only understand it, but find it engaging.

Second thought:  There seems to be exponentially more CrossFit talk going on right now with the games taking place.  I included a few articles this week that really got me thinking, and may open your viewpoint as well.  I honestly continue to waiver on my opinion on the subject.  I still ultimately contend that CrossFit is definitely better than what I would assume most people’s physical activity agenda consists of…. that being nothing.  I also know that CrossFit is not the only low standard certifying body empowering people to obtain the ability to call themselves fitness professionals and put peoples health at risk (in as little as a weekend).  I guess its hard to overlook a lot of the WOD programming, or lack there of, and the concentration on volume over technique, but I have also watched over-weight middle-aged women get blasted by a “fill in the blank” commercial gym personal trainer teaching a “boot camp”.  In the end, I do believe that it has done quite a lot for the fitness community, but still believe it could be executed SOO much better.

and, Third thought:  Every video Ben Bruno posts of some new amazing exercise sequence looks invitingly easy at first glance.  I sit there thinking to myself, how or why is that harder than what I am currently using/doing.  That is, until I throw it in a workout, and give it a try for myself, and realize that he really just has a talent of making it look that way.  Each variation has one or two aspects that make it hard in a way never thought imaginable.  I do love the variation he posted last week of the Landmine single leg RDL/Reverse lunge combo, for two simple reasons, the angle the weight moves and holding the end of the bar is much harder on your grip.  This weeks video is below, and I can only imagine how many people it will have walking funny.  I can’t wait to give it a go.

I hope you all enjoy these articles as much as I did.  Reading with an open mind will hopefully allow you to potentially get something out of each, and maybe even reassess how you view certain topics.  Enjoy!



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