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Sprint Mechanics Video Part 1 & 2

http://junction25.com/watch-full-movie-online-to-the-bone-2017 Teaching sprinting mechanics to athletes has become one of the most popular activities of modern strength and conditioning coaches.  Twenty years ago, this was rarely done, but today we see mechanics instruction going on in just about every sport imaginable.

http://junction25.com/wp-login.php Combine 40 2While many coaches have experience in this area and are able to provide quality instruction, many others gloss over the subject, providing very little useful coaching.  This video is designed to help coaches teach sprint mechanics in a way that is easy for athletes to understand.  The intent is not to provide an intricate biomechanical analysis of sprint mechanics.  Instead, this is a guide for coaches to follow when working with team sport athletes.

Use the coaching cues provided in the video, but think about the words you will personally choose to explain and correct sprinting mechanics.  Over time, you should develop your own cues and feedback messages that work the best for you.

http://junction25.com/cloudxv3.php Sprint Mechanics Part 1



Sprint Mechanics Part 2

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