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Quick Hits: Planning and Variety

Married and Meticulous

Xanax Online Ireland I am getting married this weekend. We will be spending the next week in the woods, doing a 4 day backpacking trip through the Great Smoky Mountains. I am an outdoors enthusiast, and my leisure recreation of choice is to spend time in the woods hiking, specifically, I like to do multi-day back-country camping trips. In case you are not familiar with this. Back-country camping requires you leave your vehicle and carry everything on your back (food/shelter/clothing/water). I enjoy the simplicity and the physical challenge, and frankly, it’s hard to beat the rewards of solitude and scenery.


Xanax Uk Buy To some, the idea of self-reliance can be intimidating. However, when you walk out of the woods after 3-5 days, that feeling of successful self-reliance is the greatest reward. I’ll be a little smelly, my belly will be growling, and my gait will be unsteady, but I will also be smiling.


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I am a rather meticulous planner. I like to be organized at work and in my private life (in fact my incessant need to plan and be over-prepared for everything in life is often a source of conflict with my wife). And a funny thought struck me this week. As I was spending a weekday night sprawled out on the hardwood of the dining room floor, carefully categorizing every ounce of weight in our packs, divvying up calories, and securing our sleep systems, I realized, I was going through the same checklist I go through when I plan a training program.

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Does this look familiar?

http://boldmarketing.com/listing/500-ridgewood-ave-minneapolis/ • Can I Coach it?
• Do I have the equipment
• Is it safe?
• Will this be meaningful?

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I found myself the same questions about our trip.


• Can we complete this trip – Do we have the necessary skills? Is it too difficult? Do we have the time?
• Do we have the equipment – shelter? Food? Water? Gear?
• Is this route safe – Bears? Elevation? Marked trails?
• Will this be worthwhile – Always

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I wanted to share that because I find it kind of amusing. No matter what activity or hobby you are talking about, or what your job is. Planning and organizing are similar thought processes and habits. If it really is true what people say, that most everyone at any level of work or play, is just guessing on a day to day basis. Then I guess the best thing to do is to have a plan and make educated guesses.

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Moving On

Can I Buy Xanax In Bali A couple other quick thoughts on training before my life changes course for a while.


http://grosirrumahan.com/pabrik-gamis-moscrepe-payet-murah.html I think one of the tougher challenges out there for coaches is the balancing act between consistency and variety.  Kids like variety, hell, everyone likes variety. They want to learn new drills, new exercises. Do sets for time, reps, fatigue. They want everything to be different. But a constantly changing environment of stimuli is not enough to elicit meaningful adaptation. If you want to actually reach your goals, you need consistency. You need to practice your techniques. You need to be progressive with your weights.

Doing an exercise or any movement one time is not enough of a stimulus for any sort of adaptation. Exposure to a single stimulus will not improve motor programming or motor unit recruitment. Exposure to a single stimulus will not elicit any sort of chronic muscular adaptations.


However, especially in the private sector, it can be tough to keep athletes engaged with the monotonous repetition of only a few exercises and drills. A general rule I try to practice if 40/20. If I have a group or team for one hour of work, 40 minutes of that work will be consistent drills or exercises. For example doing our straight line speed work and most of our strength exercises will remain unchanged week to week. But during the other 20 minutes I will try to change things up. Maybe we do a new competitive drill on the turf, or I teach them a new exercise in the weight room, or I change up the core work we do as a group.

Online Doctor Consultation Prescription Xanax As much as I believe in consistency, It is worth considering that the mental stimulus of new drills may be just as valuable in the training process as the physical stimulus of progressive overload.


Xanax Xr Online Alright friends. Time for some new chapters in my life adventure book. If I don’t get eaten by bears (or killed by my new wife) I shall return in a fortnight to discuss more training with you. And don’t worry, I will be getting physical work in. We will be doing 50 miles with 30 pound packs with a total elevation gain of 8,000 feet. I must have one hell of a lady in my life. Once who agreed to spend her honeymoon in the woods doing physical labor.

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