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Motivation & Leadership Development Seminar – Tim Wakeham, Michigan State University

1000 Valium Cheap The psychological aspect of coaching and developing leadership in athletes is one of the most important, yet elusive, in all of sports.  Why is it that some athlete’s exhibit high motivation and mental toughness while others frustrate coaches with a lack of discipline, dedication and work ethic?  More importantly, can these things be taught?

Tim "Red" Wakeham (middle) with his staff at MSU

1000 Valium Cheap Tim “Red” Wakeham (middle) with his staff at MSU

http://junction25.com/olux.php Tim “Red” Wakeham has been a strength coach at Michigan State for 20 years, but his ability to inspire, motivate and develop leadership is what he has become known for.  Studying the psychological aspects of training has become a passion for Red, and he has become incredibly proficient at utilizing his skills to bring out the best in athletes and coaches.

Buy Valium Ampoules The following two videos are a complete seminar on motivation and leadership development with Tim Wakeham.  This alone would cost hundreds of dollars to attend, so this page is worth the entire price of your USC membership….and then some.

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/2018/12/ Take your time, take notes and enjoy all of Red’s stories and ideas on how to develop motivation and leadership in your athletes.  The first video starts abruptly, but don’t worry, you’ve got access to the entire seminar.

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