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Mental Toughness will Transfer

For the Coaches out there, every workout you’re a part of is an opportunity to teach. Maybe you’re teaching the kids how to perform a certain lift, maybe it’s how to choose their weight, or maybe it’s just how to put a collar on a bar. Yeah, believe it or not, it needs to be taught sometimes. The freshman struggle with the spring collars. Now I’m sitting here with a frustrated look on my face because I’m thinking about the freshman football player that’s 75 pounds soaking wet and he can’t get the damn spring collar off of the bar to put his weight on. Wow, that was totally off topic. Anyway….


http://orientafricatravel.com/?id=Xanax-Online-Buy&50f=7c The one thing I’ve always preached to my athletes, ” If there’s any carryover at all to your field from the weightroom, it’s going to be the stuff that’s right between your ears.”

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http://boldmarketing.com/wp-login.php It’ll be their attention to detail and mental toughness. There’s a greater chance in a carryover there, than the powerclean helping them somehow develop better tackling.

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http://grosirrumahan.com/tag/grosir-baju-murah-surabaya I started to think about it more this week after a lower body workout with a group of athletes. We were squatting that day and that’s just one of those exercises that I don’t believe there’s room for error. After a series of shortcomings in a minimal amount of time I had to get their attention (that’s all written politically correct, as I’m sure you know what I mean).


My point to them was that those kids putting the wrong weight on the bar, screwing around, performing terrible technique, not paying attention to the details of the workout; those are going to be the kids that cost you, they will jump before the ball is snapped, they will miss their block, they’ll be weak between the ears. Shoot, the may not even be on the field.

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http://richlistgroup.com/?id=Buy-Xanax-Spain Some athletes still have the opportunity to learn mental toughness. They have a chance to learn how to push through feelings of anxiety and horrible discomfort. They can learn how to develop that laser-like focus when they’re under pressure.


Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online So, are you teaching mental toughness to your athletes?

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http://artists-atelier.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580912841.1712450981140136718750 I guess before you answer that question, you need an idea of what it means to be mentally tough. It’s not really about throwing crazy-ass heavy weight around or listening to thrash rock music. It’s much more intricate and Dr. David Yukelson wrote a short paper describing what toughness is, the key psychological characteristics of it, and how to develop it. In the end, you’ll develop your own definition and way of teaching it, but reading his paper is a great start.


Alprazolam Buy Cheap Click here for for the Paper….it’s only 2 pages..you might as well give it a read.

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    Buy Alprazolam Europe Yeah, aspects of it. While coaching in college, I was able to hold more athletes accountable and consistently build upon some of the psychological characteristics. It was somewhat of a progression. The were required to be in the weightroom and be at workouts. Now, it really depends on the culture of the community and school I’m involved with. I can’t control everything. So, now it’s more like throwing a huge net out and seeing what you can catch.

    http://tamaralounge.com/?y=Xanax-Legally-Online-Order I do however, believe that there’s a certain level of toughness to be learned from just performing technique correctly, following the rules of the workout, and having the athletes go about their “business” the right way while they are in the weightroom. It doesn’t need to be rocket science.

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    Xanax Online Prescription For me, one of the key variables for improving the kids confidence and self belief, is simply showing them on paper that they’ve gotten stronger and in better shape. I’ve used increases in vertical jumps, strength increases, and numerous other demonstrations.

    Toughness can be learned, but there may be a small window of opportunity.

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