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Kentucky Basketball Strength Coach Mike Malone

Online Apotheek Valium Kentucky LogoThis is an exclusive USC Elite Training Membership Interview with Mike Malone, Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Kentucky Basketball Team.  Mike stopped by Total Performance for a visit, so we talked to him about what it’s like to be part of one of the greatest college basketball programs in the country and got his insight on what it’s like to train elite-level ballers.

Buy Diazepam Online Review If you think that basketball players don’t lift weights very hard, then you don’t know Mike.  The Wildcats lift hard, heavy and often, without all the fluff that you see in other basketball programs.  With a National Championship under his belt and too many first-round draft picks to count, Mike has just about done it all when it comes to training for basketball and his approach is all about following basic principles.  Listen to Mike talk about his experiences and how he gets it done.

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