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Hip Mobility

http://junction25.com/movie-chit-ozinho-xoror-ao-vivo-em-garibaldi/ Hip RotationFlexibility is a very common issue with athletes, especially young athletes who are still developing.  When range of motion is compromised in the hips, power output and performance are limited.  The hips allow movement in a many planes, but one of the most common planes of motion is in the sagittal plane.  If range of motion is compromised in this plane, it affects the ability to complete and efficiency of basic motor pattern such as running, squats, and jumps.  Here are a few basic dynamic flexibility movements and static stretches that will help increase flexibility and hip mobility in the saggital plane.

Valium Visa Correction: I said that athletes want to keep their spine in a kypthotic position during the slow shuffle movement of the protocol and meant to say slightly lordotic position and the video is too long to redo.  I apologize for the mistake.

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