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Glute/Ham Lean with Anti-Rotation Combo

GHRMost athletes can certainly benefit from posterior chain strength training exercises, especially when they target the glute and hamstrings together.  Taking it one step further, why not hit the glute in the extended hip position so it is contracted at an angle closer to how it will be used in sprinting?  Finally, why not add a rotational component and make it somewhat unilateral so you can examine left/right deficiencies?

http://junction25.com/wp-json/wp/v2/users As a strength and conditioning coach, one of my favorite hamstring exercises is the glute/ham lean.  Instead of doing the full glute/ham raise, it’s more of a Nordic hamstring exercises on the glute/ham bench.  I’ve done this with a lot of athletes, and it’s amazing to see the lack of hamstring strength in some of them.  Many of the faster athletes have no problem with it, but people who focus mainly on big lift numbers often have a difficult time with it.

Order Valium Online Legal So, as I was experimenting with the exercise and wanted more glute contraction at the top.  I started out using a tube to pull straight in front of me, which was cool too, but then I got to thinking about adding the rotational component.  I thought I’d feel it mainly in my lower back, but holy cow is it an amazing glute contraction.

Matt was actually sore on one side just from demonstrating this for the video, and he’s in great shape.  He just happened to do all of the video demo on one side and never balanced it out that day.  He said the one side was crushed the next day.

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/tag/bertrands-bookshop It’s always fun to come up with new strength training exercises or combinations.  If you are already good at the glute/ham lean or raise, you’ll definitely want to give this one a shot.  If glute/ham leans are really difficult for you, you might want to stick with the standard version for a while before progressing to something more difficult like this.

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