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Give Your Kids a Break

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/upspy/ Spring break is right around the corner for all the high schools around our area. For me, it always serves as a good reminder to try and incorporate some more “fun” things, or at least activities that the kids perceive as fun, into the training program.

I am the type of guy that takes training seriously. I don’t believe in wasting time. I don’t believe in silly activities. But at the end of the day, our kids can only do so many lunges, squats, and sprints, before they start to lose interest. And if your kids aren’t enjoying the work they do with you, it’s unlikely they will ever be back.

Every once in a while you have to throw your kids a bone, spice things, do things you know are a little silly, but keep them engaged, and let them have fun. Spring break is the perfect time for this. I always get my guys pumped up about spring break, we will do 1-2 whole weeks of beach body/body-building style workouts. The spring break window is a really important time to keep your kids excited about training, because, it is really easy for them to come back from break and avoid the weight room til fall sports start back up in August.


Beach Body Workouts

Valium Online Canada There are a lot of ideas to use here, but the obvious choices are upper body exercises that can be combined together and with low risk for injury. Remember, you don’t get hurt training, don’t let your kids do something stupid because you thought it would be fun.


Grab 10 pound plates/DB. 10 reps of each exercise is 50 reps. Once you pick the weights up, you can’t set them down. Repeat as necessary.

  • Side Raise x 10
  • Front Raise x 10
  • Bent Over Fly x 10
  • Bent Over Face Pull x 10
  • Push Ups x 10

100 Curl Challenge

Where Can I Buy Authentic Phentermine Online Pick up the bar. Now that it is in your hands, you can not set it down. Every time you set it down, there is a 10 push up penalty. Get to 100 curls as fast as possible

100 Pull Up Challenge

The goal is to get to 100 pull ups. But very few people will be able to accomplish this. So it is okay to substitute an inverted row after 50 pull ups or so. Do as many as possible, but every time you drop, do 10 push ups.  I have also done something similar but in teams.  I will break my team up into groups of 2-4 and set rep targets like 200 pull ups, 200 box jumps, 200 lunges, 200 push ups, 200 side raise.  And then let them break it up amongst themselves.

Sled Races/ Relay Races

Fun stuff doesn’t always mean arms and shoulders. Your kids will do that stuff anyways. Take this time and mix up your conditioning work. Do some relay races with the sled. Let your kids form teams like spirit week and compete every day for points. Do anything, so that when they get back from break, the weight room feels fresh and not boring and stale.


Work hard, but enjoy yourself.

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