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Flexibility Mini-Series Part 2: 3-D Stretching

Part 2 of our Flexibility Mini-Series discusses 3-D stretching. The concept of 3-D stretching was introduced to me by renowned physical therapist Gary Gray, and I now use some version of it with just about every athlete I train. To take advantage of 3-D stretching, all you really need to know are some basic stretches and an understanding of the three fundamental planes of motion.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/ubh/index.php Sagittal: separates body into Right and Left parts. Movements are forward and backward such as running or a lunge.BodyPlanes
Ordered Valium 3 Mg Iv Stat Coronal or Frontal: separates the body into Anterior and Posterior parts. Movements are side-to-side or lateral such as shuffling or jumping jacks.
Transverse: separates the body into Superior and Inferior parts. Movements involve rotation such as trunk twisting.

One you understand those planes of motion, you can amplify just about any stretch by taking advantage of them. Most stretches are done in only the sagittal plane. Think of a basic calf stretch. You’re stretching the calf in the sagittal plane, but since the calf/achilles is able to perform movement in all three planes, why not stretch it in all three planes.

The basic concept of 3-D stretching is to slowly and gently rock and/or twist your body through different planes of motion (sagittal, frontal and transverse) as you gently hold each stretch. This allows you to stretch different parts of each muscle/joint for a more complete stretch. For example, as you hold a hip-flexor stretch, gently rock your body side-to-side. You’ll feel the rocking motion stretch different parts of your hip flexors that you otherwise would not feel. Next, twist your spine gently each way. You’ll also feel this in different areas.

3-D Calf Stretch• In a http://junction25.com/wp-content/themes/gaukingo/db.php calf stretch position, keep your heel stuck to the ground or slant board and rock your hips side to side. Also, try twisting your hips while you keep the heel on the ground.

• Try holding a standing groin stretch and gently rock your upper body forward and backward.

• Hold a Buy Phentermine Pills Uk standing hamstring stretch and walk your hands as far to one side as you can, then to the other.


There are numerous ways to utilize 3-D stretching as long as you understand how to gently move through each plane of motion. I prefer to use 3-D stretching during the warm-up, but once you feel it, you may never go back to single plane stretching again. Try these stretches yourself so you can feel the stretch in different parts of each joint and muscle. When you experience this, you will quickly realize that stretching in only one plane is incomplete.

Jim Kielbaso

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