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Fitness Police – Worthless Personal Trainer: Lieutenant Dan

I was at the gym, minding my own business, when the violation occurred….I watched a personal trainer taking his client (who was paying him good money) through one of the most ridiculous exercises I’ve ever seen.At first, I thought maybe this was some kind of joke, but it wasn’t.

http://junction25.com/wp-admin/css/87/mini.php This guy had his client, a woman probably in her late-thirties or early-forties, strapped into a cable with a belt around her waist.She had to walk out away from the cable machine where he had her stand on one leg and bend forward in what looked kind of like a one-legged RDL.He had her put her back foot on a stability ball.In one hand, he gave her a kettlebell to hold, and she grabbed the handle of a piece of tubing in the other.She didn’t do anything with the kettlebell; she just had to hold it.But, she had to perform some kind of rowing motion with the tube.It was more of a pulldown motion because she was bent over.

If you’re lost or can’t figure out what the hell this guy was doing, don’t worry, I felt the same way….and I was standing right there watching the whole thing unfold….dumbfounded.

He spent a good 15 minutes of the session (probably at around $75 a session) on this garbage.The worst part is that this lady probably thought this guy really knew his shit.

I thought maybe the guy was on to me, and he was trying to do something stupid so I’d reveal myself right there on the spot and arrest him.I’m smarter than that, though, so I just chilled and watched in amazement.

http://junction25.com/wso.php The best part was that this trainer was taking it sooooo seriously.He was staring at this woman, making small adjustments as though it actually mattered.He was slowing walking around her so he could get a view from different angles, making the woman feel as though he might actually have an idea what he was doing.

Buy Valium Ampoules After a couple of meaningless adjustments, I almost lost it.It was hard not to laugh at the guy, yet I had to hold back sadness for the woman and all the money she was spending on this worthless piece of dog crap.There were people watching this, so as a member of the Fitness Police, I was offended because it reflects on everyone in the profession.And, when you offend the Fitness Police, you get slapped with a violation.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/xichang/x.php?xi Violations:1. Wasting people’s money and time.2. Impersonating someone who knows something about training.3. Publicly degrading the entire profession of personal training, fitness, strength & conditioning and everyone else related.

You, sir, are a disgrace to the profession.You’ll have to appear in front of a judge to plead your case.

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  1. chieftain October 29, 2009 at 1:34 pm #

    Phentermine Online No Prescription Fucking hysterical. Glad somebody is finally calling this #OOPS# out. I’ve never seen this specific exercise, but I’ve seen some stupid crap done. How about the trainers I see putting overweight, middle-aged women on Bosu balls? WTF are you doing. THey don’t need ankle stability – they need to LOSE WEIGHT!

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