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Fitness Police: Jay Cutler and the Mind-Body Connection – Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane

http://junction25.com/upload.php I know that a lot of you come to this site for educational-entertainment, but if you’re even in the mood for some pure entertainment, pick up the latest issue of one of the muscle mags.It doesn’t matter which one or which issue.I’m not talking about a specific article.I’m just talking about the whole thing.It’s really pretty funny.The other day I moved a stack of them to the “Humor” section at the bookstore, and a girl saw me and started cracking up.It’s not just me.Everybody knows.

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http://junction25.com/upload.php So, I recently went to a Chris Rock concert, and the next day I was thirsty for some more laughs, so I picked up a copy of Flex and read some of Jay Cutler’s comments on the mind-muscle connection.For those of you not familiar with Jay (yes, Jay, contrary to what Joe Weider tells you, most people still don’t have any idea who you are), he is a two-time winner of the Mr. Olympia contest.For those of you who don’t care, the Mr. Olympia contest is the biggest pro bodybuilding contest in the world.

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Buy Phentermine No Credit Card Anyway, here’s what Jay had to say – “Do not think of the weight going up and down; instead, visualize your muscle tightening and firing during the contraction, then resisting and lengthening during the extension.” He went on to say, “To reinforce the mind-muscle connection, I practice posing the muscle I’m working between sets.”

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Let’s start off with the mind-muscle connection.What the hell is that?Does that mean that really thinking about the muscle being worked is going to make it bigger?Jay probably also thinks concentration curls are the best biceps exercise because you “concentrate” while you do them.

So, what is it about the mind-muscle connection that you’d like to believe is real?I understand the mind-body thing – getting in touch with your inner self, etc.But, this just stupid.See, these guys like to believe that if they think about their muscles growing, they will.Never mind the fact that the muscles are reacting to the tension they are under, or the perfect diet these guys consume or massive amount of anabolic steroids flowing through their blood.

Next, please don’t let me catch you posing in public between sets.I will be forced to issue a citation and that could be embarrassing for you.You can pose all you want in your own bathroom, but try to keep the narcissism to a minimum while other people are watching.I guess that’s the problem with narcissism, though – you think you’re so super-fantastic that you have no idea people are actually laughing at you.

You know, I’m pretty sure Jay didn’t actually write that.He may not even do that.I bet the editor of the magazine just writes whatever he wants, and puts Jay’s name on it to help sell magazines.Poor Jay.I’m sure he gets paid for it, though, so I can’t feel too bad for him.

But, since his name is on the quote, I’m going to have to write Jay Cutler a big, fat ticket for saying something really dumb.I could say it’s meatheaded, but that would be a compliment.This is just wack-job stuff here, trying to pull other people into his fantasy world.

The Fitness Police strike again.Don’t get caught being stupid.

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