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Fitness Police: Stop Wearing the Gloves – Alex J. Murphy

I’m glad there’s actually a website where I can share my thoughts on the ridiculous amount of D-bags that I see working out. Because of this website I’m going to start taking my camera to the gym to capture and share some of the idiocy I witness. I have plenty of examples, but there’s one that I really would like to briefly vent.

Just the other day I was working out with a few of my friends and witnessed a fitness police winner. What in the hell is going on with grown skinny ass men wearing gloves while lifting tiny ass weights? Really, why in the hell do people wear lifting gloves period?

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This particular instance was pretty pathetic. I just got done squatting and decided it was time for a sip of water. Walking past the dumbbell area I noticed a man, probably in his mid-twenties, doing single arm dumbbell curls with 30’s. He was doing one at a time so that he could sway a bit more and “hoist” the weight to his shoulders a bit easier. He was wearing the lifting gloves.
Was he scared that he might develop a callus; some harder more thick skin? Did the gloves help him hold onto the 30’s better? Why in the hell was he wearing the gloves?
People, STOP WEARING LIFTING GLOVES! Especially when you’re a skinny ass man lifting tiny ass weights! I don’t even want to get into the time I saw a man wearing them on an elliptical.
If you’re reading this, and you wear lifting gloves, slap yourself and feel ashamed….be embarrassed! You are a true embarrassment!

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