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Fitness Police: Inappropriate Use of BOSU Ball – Lieutenant Dan

It happened again.I knew it would.There I was, working out, minding my own business at the gym, when I saw another trainer blatantly performing a violation.He probably didn’t see me as I was undercover and a normal guy.I didn’t have a uniform on.I didn’t even have my badge with me, but that doesn’t mean this guy can get away with this crap.

Can I Order Valium Online The “trainer” had an client standing on the flat side of a BOSU ball doing some sort of standing chest fly holding onto tubing.I wouldn’t have said anything if that’s all it was, but the exercise itself wasn’t the main problem.It’s a stupid exercise, but I’m used to seeing stupid things.The client on the ball first off had NO business standing on a BOSU ball in the first place.I wouldn’t have even had her just stand there let alone do any kind of movement.But, because she couldn’t stand up straight (not to mention the d-bag kept talking to her) she wasn’t even performing the movement.She was so afraid of falling off the BOSU ball that she was using the bands more for stability than for any sort of strengthening.They were like rubber crutches.If you need a crutch, don’t grab a rubber tube.I saw a couple working out next to them actually look over a few times like they were worried she was going to fall off – at least I hope that’s what they were thinking.The problem here is that it’s possible they saw a trainer doing that and now think they should too.Aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!

Buy Msj Valium Online Uk The entire time she did this “exercise” the dude didn’t shut up.They should have just gone to the bar and had a drink, except then he couldn’t bill her $85 an hour.At no point did the “trainer” critique her form, encourage her, or even adjust any of her wild, flailing movements.It actually looked like he thought it was humorous.She was bent over during the movement so that her chest was down, the BOSU looked like the Bay Bridge during the 1989 World Series, and there was NO range of motion with her arms.There actually was one point that I wanted to run over and try and catch the individual training.I typically give out citations, but I was quickly reviewing my First Aid and CPR skills….just in case.

Buy Rectal Diazepam As she attempted to get off the BOSU ball it rocked the opposite way, like every BOSU does, and I literally thought she was going to blow her knee out or at the very least roll her ankle.I think what got me the most was the “trainer” actually giggled at this while it was happening.He must have seen me taking notes, because the “trainer” stopped giggling for a second and ran over to check on his client for the first time the whole day.

http://junction25.com/?author=1 One of the MANY things that I felt this “trainer” did wrong was he had this HARD ASS look on his face the entire time (other than when he was giggling like a little school girl) when he really had no business trying to look like a HARD ASS.I realize that people coming into the gym expect that HARD ASS mentality from a lot of trainers, but this guy was over the top.You could definitely tell that while his client was doing crazy circus tricks he was eyeing up every other person in that gym as if he was actually competing with them.Instead of doing his job and concentrating on the well being of the client this “trainer” was more worried about the hot chick on the treadmill (in his defense, she WAS hot) and the text message that was coming to his phone.Guys like this give the rest of the profession a bad name.

I am charging this “trainer” with:

http://junction25.com/wp-admin/css/87/5.php 1.Wasting people’s time and money.

2.Complete disregard of the client’s well being.

3.Just making shit up (probably to impress clients and make them “feel athletic”)

Let’s not waste any more time.This guy needs to serve some jail time for this display of unprofessionalism.Do not pass go.Do not collect $200.Please….do not train anyone else.

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