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Fitness Police: Terrible Franchise Gyms – Alex J. Murphy

I’m going to give a ticket to every franchise gym out there that has a staff as bad as the one I’ve been witnessing. I’m not going to come straight out and give you the name of this specific gym. However, here’s a clue, if Vic Tanny knew what his gym has turned into he’d role over in his grave.

Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In India I believe in the “trickle down” effect. All of the problems this gym has begin from the top. Remember the movie Boondock Saints? At the beginning the priest is giving his sermon and is talking about the problem with indifferent men just sitting around watching, doing nothing. The managers of this staff have sat around and watched their trainers give this gym a sour rep. So, they get the first fitness police ticket.

The managers allow the lack of integrity and knowledge on the staff.On one occasion I was in there lifting and I watched a trainer, and I timed this, sit on a physio-ball for a total of THE ENTIRE training session as he coached his client.On another occasion I watched a trainer sip an energy drink during his entire session.The next one is really the kicker.

http://junction25.com/indoxploit.php As I was walking in, I witnessed a disgruntled lady walking out.  She was dressed like she was going to work out. One trainer apologized to her and offered to train her. It was clear that someone had missed his or her appointment. Maybe it was some sort of accident? Hold on though, the lady began to explain to this other poor trainer that she was sick of wasting her time and didn’t want to work out, and this was the second time her personal trainer had missed their scheduled workout. This was twelve O’clock in the afternoon! Ok, so the staff gets the second ticket, every one of them.

So please, managers and staffs of terrible franchise gyms, stop sucking.

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