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Education of an Intern

http://bisnisbajumu.com/2017/10/grosir-blouse-balotelli-bordir-wanita-dewasa-murah-28ribu.html This last semester, I had one of the best interns I have ever had.  This young man showed the three qualities I absolutely love in an intern: Work ethic, enthusiasm, and initiative.  In fact, he did such a good job, we hired him.  Which should be the goal for any intern out there.  Make yourself so valuable and inexpendable to the team that they can’t function without you.

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This week, I wanted to give our  intern new coach, Jason DiBartolomeo, a chance to recount his experiences as an intern.  I asked Jason to discuss some of the challenges he faced, what he enjoyed most about the experience, and what he needs to improve most.  Your feedback is always welcome, please get back to us and let Jason know how he did.


Staff shirt Education of an Intern

http://naturesown.co.za/product/green-black-walnut-100ml/?add-to-cart=23962 This internship was the final step for me to graduate from college and I could not wait to get started. Strength training has been a passion of mine since I began participating in high school sports and I was prepared to turn this hobby into not only a job, but a lifestyle. I had my own goals set for this internship experience along with a personal goal that I struggled to meet throughout college. I was determined to get myself in shape during my time as an intern.

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Is Buying Alprazolam Online Illegal In my experience, I was able to learn from coaches who have excelled in this profession for many years. The first couple of weeks included a great deal of observation and learning where I was able to get an idea of what a typical training session consisted of. I knew it was going to take hard work and plenty of questions before I got the hang of being a good coach, but I was up for the task. As rewarding as this profession is, there are also plenty of challenges that present themselves. I have been able to learn from these challenging situations and better myself as a coach because of them.

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Xanax Uk Buy I learned very early in my experience that the more athletes present during a training session, the more challenging that session would be. Keeping twenty teenage volleyball players focused on the details of each exercise, after they have completed a two hour practice, is not an easy task. Larger groups of athletes means less individual attention I was able to give to each athlete. In order to make sure the athletes were performing exercises correctly, it was always important that I broke down each exercise and taught it well to the entire group. Even when some groups would get out of hand, it was up to me to get everyone back on track and complete some productive work. The most important thing I learned is that it is important to remain organized and to always be ready to handle any adversity that might present itself.

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http://richlistgroup.com/wp-json/wp/v2/ Providing Adequate Feedback

Buying Xanax In Mexico Many of the athletes that would participate in our programs had not ever been exposed to the exercises or drills that we conducted during our training sessions. Providing adequate feedback was essential in order for the athletes to improve. I found the easiest way to gain understanding between myself and the athlete was to develop and teach coaching cues early in the athlete’s training program. When drills would get sloppy, those cues were used to remind the athlete about the correct position they should be in. Being able to translate to the athlete and simplify what I have learned through my education and practical experience has been one of the toughest aspects of my internship. I have been able to improve on providing feedback over time after training a large number of groups, but it is still a skill that I can improve on.

Athlete Success

There is no more rewarding feeling than seeing an athlete, who has trained consistently in our program, succeed and reach their personal goals. There is satisfaction knowing that I have been able to help athletes become stronger, faster, and overall better athletes. This falls mostly on the athlete training multiple times per week and improving each session. I am able to provide the athletes with the tools and information for them to do well, but ultimately, it is the time and hard work put in by the athlete that allows them to be successful.

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Buy Xanax Fast Shipping Continuing Education

Educating our athletes was one of the most important aspects of my position. In order for me to provide an excellent service to our athletes, my first priority was to continue to educate myself. I was able to watch a variety of strength and conditioning clinic recordings from Mike Boyle, among others, and I also read “Starting Strength” and “Practical Programming” by Mark Rippetoe. There are all kinds of methods that are effective for training. I have been able to develop my own way of training athletes by using the principles from Jim Kielbaso and also learning about methods that have been practiced by professionals and deciphering what would be effective for the training we conducted at Total Performance.

Buying Xanax Online From Canada All things considered, this internship semester has served to be extremely valuable in my growth as an Exercise Science professional. I was able to successfully utilize the information I retained in the classroom over the past few years and use each experience to learn and better myself. I was able to reach one of my own personal goals that I have been striving toward for a long time. Since January of this year, I have lost 40 pounds and have been able to get myself in the best shape of my life. I feel that this is an important accomplishment due to the physical activity I will be participating in on a daily basis. There is still a lot for me to learn but this semester has prepared me for the future. I am fortunate and grateful for everything I have learned throughout my years as a student and intern and I look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge. Combined with all of the background knowledge I gained throughout my time at CMU, the amount of information I learned over the course of my Internship semester has provided me with a solid foundation to become a professional in the field of Exercise Science.

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