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Conditioning Manual

I have made a few posts recently about monitoring your conditioning volume and having a plan, instead of just beating the crap out of your kids, and we have had some great questions and feedback from you.  Well, in order to give you a better idea of what I am talking about, I wanted to give you a glimpse of one of my programs.

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http://junction25.com/wp-admin/css/87/mini.php Below in the pdf file is a copy of a Summer conditioning manual I sent home with my Men’s Soccer  program a few years ago.  A couple quick notes:

  • This is a summer program, supplied to the athletes who would not be on campus under my supervision and would be training on their own.  Because they are on their own, it is meant to give them direction, but also be very basic so as not to be confusing or ambiguous.
  • I keep my summer programs SIMPLE.  I am not going to make it fancy.  I want my athletes to have a clear goal in mind and accomplish it.
  • As much as I would love to incorporate some variety, like hills, stairs, ropes, swimming, I could never guarantee my athletes would have access to these tools.  So again, it has to be basic.
  • The program is structured differently from how I would run my team workouts at our facility.  The warm ups and drills would be a little more complex and we would incorporate a lot more acceleration/shuffling/agility technique work.
  • The programs I supplied for different sports had different focuses and intensities. This program was designed for my Men’s Soccer team, whom were immediately in-season when they returned in the fall.  The wrestling/baseball/volleyball/softball/swimming/ basketball programs were different.  We talked about our needs analysis before and identifying the dominant energy systems for your sport, this is one of those times where that is important.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/ubh/ Stair-Sprinting

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Genuine Valium Online Uk You are probably going to say, but Adam, this isn’t enough work, how can a high level athlete be prepared doing this program.  Good question.  This manual was supplied with a lifting program as well.  The lifting program is more detailed, and is high intensity; I will get it posted up here sometime soon.  Also, one of our expectations as a program was that our guys were playing at least 8-10 hours of organized soccer per week.  These games would cover our skill work and our baseline fitness work.  The conditioning work is a supplement; the drills were to be done on the field either directly before or after games.  You will also see a lot of “tempo work” days, these are recovery days that incorporate low level fitness work and flexibility work to aid in the recovery process from some of our more taxing work.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/widget-logic/mini.php Take a look, let me know what you think, and fire away with questions.

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  1. Felix J Gonzalez May 31, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

    Buy Indian Valium Online HI Adam,

    Wanted to say thanks for all the great content you’re constantly putting out..I found a lot of this useful for several of my female soccer athletes I train that go to Fresno State and Fresno Pacific locally here in Fresno. My question for you is, that i’m constatnly looking for ways to save time on programming for athletes and clients in general. Do you use a specific program that allows you to write workouts for your athletes and clients or know where I can purchase or get good one, or do you use basic excel as I do?? thanks…

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