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Coaching Olympic Weightlifting in High Schools

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http://junction25.com/olux.php I was fortunate having the opportunity to speak with high school sport coaches over the weekend at an area strength clinic. Coach Brandon Bedinger from Ann Arbor Skyline High School did an exceptional job at putting on an informative strength clinic and if you’re ever in the area, look him up to see what he has put together for his athletes. He’s planning on doing the clinic annually, so look it up next year. He’s one of the “good” guys and I wish him the best in this field.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/duplicator/readme.txt It was no surprise that the topic of weightlifting for high school athletes came up. I’ve had plenty of experiences, good and bad, with these movements at the high school, college, and pro level. I wasn’t up there speaking to bash these lifts. I was there to speak on developing high school strength and conditioning programs and the topic came up while I discussed why I chose specific exercises over others.

I’m pretty sure the only critical things I said about the lifts involving high school athletes was that if your’e not certified to teach them or don’t have the resources to teach them (logistically speaking, I don’t know any high schools that do), you shouldn’t be implementing them. Oh yeah, I called the “catch” position of the hang clean worthless and stupid to implement in high schools, from a risk to benefit ratio. ┬áCheck out the video below to see what one of the top Olympic Weightlifting coaches in the country has to say about coaching these types of lifts.

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