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Breaking into the Strength and Conditioning Field – Interview with Coach Ron McKeefery

Obviously we think the field of Strength and Conditioning is the greatest profession we could be a part of. At one point we saw the picture to the left and aspired to be the guy teaching the lift. We all have our own unique stories and most stories have more similarities than not. So, that […]

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Real Hard Work Series: Coach Jim Kielbaso on Hard Work

Alprazolam Pills Online The kid in the picture probably completed the pull and I’m sure it was hard to lift. I bet he got a high five afterwards, and he thinks he’s working hard. Teaching athletes how to work hard, what hard work is, and actually putting them through hard workouts is probably something we’ve all been a […]

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Combination Lifts: Wasteful vs. Meaningful

http://boldmarketing.com/category/testimonial/page/2 There’s definitely something to be said about training efficiently. We don’t always get an optimal amount of time to accomplish our needs, so it’s sometimes important to exercises with several movements per rep or combine lifts. Implementing multifaceted exercises has sort of stemmed from the need to feel original, get a lot done in minimal […]

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Specifics of Squatting

http://cnt-aranjuez.org/?s=영주흥출장안마(카톡-+M+o46)『moo2+7.c0M』콜걸출장안마출장소이스홍성Y↔○2019-03-29-11-07영주♬AIJ┱출장샵콜걸출장안마◆출장안마▶콜걸출장안마┱영주 If you’ve ever had a hard time squatting or teaching the specifics to someone, watch this video. Have you seen peoples heals come off the ground? Are they having a hard time getting to the depth you’d like? Often the issues are caused by the lack of mobility or flexibility in the hips and/or ankles. […]

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USC Interview with Adam Gentry: Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach, Olympic Sports University of Pittsburgh

http://richlistgroup.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580924042.1538178920745849609375 We sat down with Adam Gentry, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach of Olympic Sports at the University of Pittsburgh. Adam has always been a critical thinker. Adam has the opportunity to consistently train his athletes. With this, he enjoys systematically implementing strength training protocols that are progressive over the training year.  Watch below to see […]

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Tough (Haphazard) Vertimax Conditioning

Fake Xanax Bars Online There’s dozens of ways to overload triple-extension. Olympic movements, jumping movements with dumbbells, weighted vest jumps…the list goes on.  Some ways may be safer than others, easier to implement, easier to coach, or even more efficient. It’s all up to you. The Vertimax fits several of the criteria we look for, for the movements we’re […]

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Battling Ropes: Great When Not Silly

Where To Buy Xanax Uk Jim and Adam take a brief moment to discuss an exercise tool that can be great when used correctly and silly when not. Battling ropes have been around for decades. Over the last couple years they have certainly been much more commercialized than ever before. We do believe there are plenty of great things about […]

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The 10-8-6 Progression Video – Adam Stoyanoff

In this video, Adam walks through how you could use a 10-8-6 progression method for a few different exercises. He walks through how it should be set up, how to implement it, and how to record and progress with your athletes/clients. Take a look, this is some good stuff!!

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Media Interview with Tennessee Strength Coach Ron McKeefery

http://bisnisbajumu.com/tag/grosir-kemeja-anak-murah/feed For anyone who is unfamiliar with Ron McKeefery, he is a fantastic strength coach and teacher. He has helped many coaches get their start in the field, and he is widely respected for his ability to teach both athletes and coaches. He spent several years at the University of South Florida, and he was hired […]

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Intern Video from the Gordon Institute

http://learnwithojo.com/workshops/ks156/ Rob Taylor is the Director of Sports Performance at the Gordon Institute in Baltimore, MD. He puts his interns through a rigorous experience where they learn a lot and have a lot of responsibilities. They made this video near the end of their internship to “impress” Rob. It’s pretty funny.

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New Laser Therapy – MLS Laser Therapy

http://bandarbaju.com/senior-dating-site-free/best-seniors-dating-sites Multi-Waved Locked System – MLS Laser Therapy An orthopedic surgeon the metro-Detroit area is offering a new kind of laser therapy for injury rehab, pain management and recovery after surgery. Apparently, it has no known side effects and the only contra-indications are the belly of a pregnant woman, a known cancer cell and an open […]

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