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Testing and Evaluation Within Your Strength Program

http://cnt-aranjuez.org/search/‹카지노사이트›♡-예스카지노-⇪해적게임총판W<>⇞‹akaxx.com›∴라스베가스 카지노 후기2019-04-06-01-29새만금 카지노필리핀 카지노 슬롯 머신♥카지노 가입쿠폰마카오 카지노 에이전트[]☈Q➴✲온라인 카지노 커뮤니티VeD최소 배팅 1000 원마카오 개인 롤링[]/feed/rss2/ Testing, it should be an important part of your program.  Testing your athletes gives you the chance to sit back and evaluate how successful your program has been achieving your outlined goals.  It is necessary to be in a constant state of evaluation with your program.  While it is essential to have a plan, you […]

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The Chemical Side

Alprazolam Buy Canada I have always had a deep interest in the study of physics.  In college, physics was one of my favorite courses.  In my career, I am engrossed in the physics of human movement and sport.  You don’t have to look hard to identify the elements of mass, force, acceleration, impulse, elasticity, tension, angular momentum, ect, […]

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Football conditioning

Off Season Football Program

Buy Xanax 2Mg We have a great group of football guys training right now. Putting that hard off-season work in, knowing that come summer and fall, it will all pay off. I wanted to give you a taste of how we are structuring this year’s program, some of the obstacles we seem to face every year, and somethings […]

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Quick Hits

Real busy week training.  Lots of young athletes and teams working hard, putting the time and effort in now, to be ready for spring sports.  I love it, helping young athletes learn how to take care of their bodies, and pushing them to improve themselves is what it is all about. As you are helping […]

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hard work

Getting Fit and Healthy: A Beginners Guide

Generic Xanax Online The anxiety rises. You have come to fear your morning ritual. Stepping onto the clear glass scale on your bathroom floor. “Something must be wrong with this thing” you say outloud, as the digital numbers jump past last week’s number, finally settling in at a nice round 250. “how did I let this happen?” The […]

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new year

Mailbag: New Year’s Resolutions

Buy Xanax From Usa We have our first question of 2015, and this one certainly got here early. This question is courtesy of a friend of mine that I was with on Jan. 1st. We were all gathered together on January 1st to watch my Spartan’s epic comeback against Baylor. The holiday binge continued for most, with mouthfuls of […]

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Exercises I’m Loving Right Now

Buy Xanax Italy On the laundry list of dysfunctions I see on a regular basis,  just about the most common mechanical issue I see with athletes of any age is poor hip extension patterns and super tight hip flexors. This is no surprise. These issues have been progressing at about the same rate as our “great” technological advancements. […]

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You need to do your training because Stone Cold said so

Mailbag: Wrestling Program

Hey Adam, I am a high school wrestling coach. Our season is getting started soon, and I have been scouring the internet trying to find some help on how to get my kids ready. I saw some of the programs you have made for other teams, and I read a lot of the other posts […]

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http://artists-atelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/op-lite2017-slider_01@2x.jpg In almost any context, stagnation is a dirty word. In the outdoors it means dirty water and to look for a new water source. In the training world it means lack of progress to look for a new source for stress and stimulus. We all know that feeling of stagnation. Where for weeks on end […]

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Case Study: Club Baseball Team

Xanax Prescription Online Doctor I got started up with a Club baseball team this last week and I wanted to discuss a couple thoughts on my template.  We will treat it like a case study. The Scenario: Number of Athletes: 14 Age: These kids are a 50/50 split of 15/16 years old. Average Athletic Ability: Intermediate. This is a […]

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One Liners

I am putting a couple videos together for you guys on some agility drills and techniques that I will be getting up soon. In the meantime, I wanted to get a few quick thoughts out there. You know how sometimes you have the internal monologue running? Sometimes a word, a phrase, a question, kind of […]

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Quick Hits: Planning and Variety

Married and Meticulous I am getting married this weekend. We will be spending the next week in the woods, doing a 4 day backpacking trip through the Great Smoky Mountains. I am an outdoors enthusiast, and my leisure recreation of choice is to spend time in the woods hiking, specifically, I like to do multi-day […]

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