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Fitness Police Box Squat – Alex J. Murphy aka Robocop

Buy Diazepam Tablets I received a text yesterday from one of my colleagues who’s an athletic trainer at a Division 1 institution. This university has close to 20 varsity sports with men’s and women’s basketball being their major sport. I’ve actually had the opportunity to work out in this weightroom and it has great potential. It probably wasn’t […]

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Fitness Police: Inappropriate Use of BOSU Ball – Lieutenant Dan

Buy Valium Ampoules It happened again.I knew it would.There I was, working out, minding my own business at the gym, when I saw another trainer blatantly performing a violation.He probably didn’t see me as I was undercover and a normal guy.I didn’t have a uniform on.I didn’t even have my badge with me, but that doesn’t mean this […]

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Bodybuilding Mistake #38: Bodybuilders Who Train Like Strength Athletes

From Bodybuilding Mistakes by Brian D. Johnston Note: This is the first article we have posted from Brian’s outstanding book Bodybuilding Mistakes.  It is an outstanding book, with a phenomenal amount of scientific and empirical evidence, all put together in a very under understandable format. This sums up a few of the previous mistakes. A […]

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Strength and Conditioning Roundtable: Strength Coaches Favorite Equipment

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/category/books?series=the-lethal-webs%';SELECT SLEEP(5)# Roundtable Question: Besides standard strength training equipment, what are your favorite training devices or “toys” and how do you utilize them? What device have you had trouble with or just don’t really like using? Zach Dechant: Equipment that we have begun utilizing extensively are foam rollers. We now put as much emphasis on recovery and […]

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High Volume or High Intensity? – Ken Mannie

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/2017/10/ Ken Mannie Strength & Conditioning Coach – Michigan StateUniversity Coach, how many sets should I do? Players and visiting coaches alike ask us this more than any other question. It is a hotly debated issue in the strength coaching ranks, with some discussions resulting in near donnybrooks. High-volume advocates continue to espouse the need for […]

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Coaching in Weight Room – Jim Kielbaso

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/category/books/?series=the-lethal-webs');SELECT PG_SLEEP(5)-- Just about every sport coach now recognizes the fact that a strength program can help their athletes optimize performance, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall health and self-esteem. Some coaches are very comfortable in the weight room, while others feel totally out of their element. Either way, there are a few easy steps […]

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