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The Chemical Side

I have always had a deep interest in the study of physics.  In college, physics was one of my favorite courses.  In my career, I am engrossed in the physics of human movement and sport.  You don’t have to look hard to identify the elements of mass, force, acceleration, impulse, elasticity, tension, angular momentum, ect, […]

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Sprint Mechanics Video Part 1 & 2

Teaching sprinting mechanics to athletes has become one of the most popular activities of modern strength and conditioning coaches.  Twenty years ago, this was rarely done, but today we see mechanics instruction going on in just about every sport imaginable. While many coaches have experience in this area and are able to provide quality instruction, […]

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Speed & Agility Revolution book (PDF) by Jim Kielbaso

The first book to ever break down sprint mechanics, acceleration mechanics and agility mechanics into easy-to-understand terms was Jim Kielbaso’s Speed & Agility Revolution.  Highly acclaimed by many strength & conditioning coaches, this book is available to USC Lifetime members as a special bonus. In the book you will find: Sprint, acceleration & agility mechanics […]

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Nature Vs. Nurture: Is it Mom or Dad’s Fault That I’m Not Fast Enough?

This weeks article comes from a USC contributor.  Phil Loomis works with the Troy Athens High Schools Athletics program as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.  In the following article, Phil discusses some important factors in the development of young athletes, and how to determine exactly what shapes successful athletic preparation. Are Justin Verlander and Calvin […]

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It’s a nightmare scenario for any coach.  8:00 am on a mid-July morning in Michigan.  80 degrees and so humid your shirt is sticking to your back before you even get out of the car.  A group of 50 young men huddled around a water trough with unlaced shoes and phones in their hands.  I […]

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