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Nutrition for High School Athletes

Some of the most common questions I field from parents and athletes at our facility involve nutrition.  Rightfully so.  Athletes of every age and ability level that wish to improve their performance need to put some serious consideration into the fuel they are putting into their body.  It’s a cheesy cliché, but the automobile analogy […]

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Maintaining Weight In-Season

Getting bigger and stronger is a priority for many athletes over the summer.  Putting on size is a major concern for many football, hockey, and basketball players wanting to improve their game.  I cant tell you how often I hear guys saying that they need to put on size.  By the end of the summer, […]

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Glutamine Supplementation Review

Review of Glutamine Supplementation – Jarrett Kratzer Glutamine is an amino acid and one of the main building blocks in protein synthesis. Glutamine is considered non-essential simply because the body makes glutamine regularly, although recent studies show that glutamine could be considered a conditionally essential amino acid. Glutamine is one of 20 amino acids in […]

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Nutrition & Supplements:  Branched Chain Amino Acids - Katie Weaver

Nutrition & Supplements: Branched Chain Amino Acids – Katie Weaver

The use of branch chain amino acids (BCAA) in use is becoming more prevalent in recent years as supplement manufactures begin to advertise more aggressively toward specific populations such as athletes and young adults. The major concern with this practice is that the individuals consuming this supplement others are not well informed on the risks […]

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Review of Fish Oil Supplementation

Emily McKinley Fish Oil [FO] is a supplement that is growing rapid in popularity and research.In both the general and athletic population research has shown that FO has been effective in prevention in diseases such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression and cardiovascular.It also has been shown as a maintenance supplement for inflammation in joints, prenatal […]

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Review: Caffeine Supplementation

Kyle Shireman – Lock Haven University Caffeine supplementation has come to be a major issue in the sports and exercise world. It is a socially accepted drug, and the supplementation of caffeine has become of concern within the last decade. Traditionally caffeine supplements were directed only towards endurance athletes, but have become popular in other […]

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Nutrition & Supplements: Basics of Creatine Supplementation

Jordan Yohn According to Burke (2007), “Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in large amounts in skeletal muscle as a result of dietary intake and endogenous synthesis from amino acids.”It is very important to note that the human body can synthesize creatine naturally.The body synthesizes creatine primarily in the liver, but also small amounts […]

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