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For Your Entertainment……

I have a handful of friends that do CrossFit. So, I get to BS alot with them about how training is.  Obviously not everyone or situation is like this, but these are funny videos. Be sure to pay attention to everything in the background. The details are the best and like always feel free to […]

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Usain Bolt Hang Cleans…..Kind Of

Does this video mean that it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have God-given ability? The technique of Bolt’s hang cleans is laughable, yet he’s the fastest man in the world. Obviously the hang clean didn’t make him that explosive because he doesn’t even use his lower body. We have to […]

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The Truth About Functional Training Video

Dave Durrell – www.HighIntensityNation.com This is a very funny video about functional training. At first, you’re not quite sure if he’s serious or not, but you catch on quickly. Try not to take this one too seriously. Just enjoy some good old fashioned entertainment from a guy who is NOT a comedian. Leave your comments […]

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Fitness Police: Jay Cutler and the Mind-Body Connection – Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane

I know that a lot of you come to this site for educational-entertainment, but if you’re even in the mood for some pure entertainment, pick up the latest issue of one of the muscle mags.It doesn’t matter which one or which issue.I’m not talking about a specific article.I’m just talking about the whole thing.It’s really […]

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