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New Exercises for Explosive Hip Extension

I think one of the most important qualities of strength training is the ability to accelerate moderate loads with intensity and good technique. However, too often, when young athletes start using weights, every day turns into a powerlifting meet. Not every exercise, in fact very few exercises, should be maximum effort exercises, particularly for younger […]

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Bret Contreras

Bret Contreras Interview – Why are we making stuff up?

Bret Contreras Audio Interview Click here to listen to the Bret Contreras Interview Bret Contreras has become one of the most popular and opinionated voices in the fitness industry.  If you have followed Bret at all, you know that he always has something interesting to say about strength and conditioning. His popular blog BretContreras.com is […]

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Tommy Hoke

Interview with Strength Coach Tommy Hoke – Michigan State

While visiting at Michigan State University, Jim Kielbaso took some time out to talk with associate head strength and conditioning coach Tommy Hoke. Tommy Hoke is now entring his eight year as Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Michigan State University. Before he came to Michigan State he was the head strength and conditioning […]

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