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A Few Quick Considerations For Training the Shoulder

A few quick points on training the muscles of the upper back. I want to build of the article I posted a couple weeks ago discussing reducing injuries with our athletes and different strategies we can employ in our strength program.  We really only scratched the surface, and the videos I posted focused on the […]

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Hip Rotation

Hip Mobility

Flexibility is a very common issue with athletes, especially young athletes who are still developing.  When range of motion is compromised in the hips, power output and performance are limited.  The hips allow movement in a many planes, but one of the most common planes of motion is in the sagittal plane.  If range of […]

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For the Best Traps, Do More than Shrugs

Trap Training When most of us look at the trapezius, we see the lump of muscle directly over the shoulders.  It’s probably one of the most intimidating muscles when trained correctly and developed.  Not too many guys pick a beef with the hoss that has traps growing out of his ears. Everyone remember Goldberg?  Yup….nobody […]

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Tough (Haphazard) Vertimax Conditioning

There’s dozens of ways to overload triple-extension. Olympic movements, jumping movements with dumbbells, weighted vest jumps…the list goes on.  Some ways may be safer than others, easier to implement, easier to coach, or even more efficient. It’s all up to you. The Vertimax fits several of the criteria we look for, for the movements we’re […]

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Box Jumps

Important Coaching Tips and Principles for Beginning Plyometrics

Plyometrics have been implemented for decades and still there there are some common misconceptions about what they are and what sort of benefit you may be able to get from them.  Jim and Adam go over some basic concepts and coaching points for beginning plyometrics. If this is something that you are interested in doing […]

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