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Quick Hits

http://richlistgroup.com/?id=Can-You-Buy-Xanax-Over-The-Counter-In-Mexico Real busy week training.  Lots of young athletes and teams working hard, putting the time and effort in now, to be ready for spring sports.  I love it, helping young athletes learn how to take care of their bodies, and pushing them to improve themselves is what it is all about. As you are helping […]

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Exercises I’m Loving Right Now

http://learnwithojo.com/product/beginning-science/?add-to-cart=1563 On the laundry list of dysfunctions I see on a regular basis,  just about the most common mechanical issue I see with athletes of any age is poor hip extension patterns and super tight hip flexors. This is no surprise. These issues have been progressing at about the same rate as our “great” technological advancements. […]

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You need to do your training because Stone Cold said so

Mailbag: Wrestling Program

http://bandarbaju.com/tag/grosir-piyama-celana-panjang-dewasa Hey Adam, I am a high school wrestling coach. Our season is getting started soon, and I have been scouring the internet trying to find some help on how to get my kids ready. I saw some of the programs you have made for other teams, and I read a lot of the other posts […]

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Glute Ham Roller Core Medley

http://boldmarketing.com/listing/1957-juliet-avenue-saint-paul-mn/ Hopefully everyone got a chance to check the great new product from Sorinex, the Glute Ham Roller, we have a short demo video we made last week.  It’s amazing.  This  piece of equipment has definitely endured tons of training the past couple weeks, and its crazy how a brand new piece of equipment seems to spark […]

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It’s All in the Hips

Cheap Xanax From India Building off a post I made a few weeks ago. One of the most important  parts in your program needs to be teaching your athletes to use their hips.  Get the glutes and hamstrings firing in the right ways instead of just gutting out exercises with poor technique.  You need to be incorporating at least […]

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A Few Quick Considerations For Training the Shoulder

A few quick points on training the muscles of the upper back. I want to build of the article I posted a couple weeks ago discussing reducing injuries with our athletes and different strategies we can employ in our strength program.  We really only scratched the surface, and the videos I posted focused on the […]

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Learning To Use Our Hips

http://naturesown.co.za/product/taurine-500mg-vegicaps-50/?add-to-cart=23736 You are a smart coach, I can tell because you are on this site, seeking out information to help better your athletes.  Since you are smart coach, when asked what the mission of your program is you spout off the phrase “injury prevention” without hesitation.  Good, you passed the first test.  But what about question […]

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Football is Coming!! : In-Season Metabolic Conditioning

I’m sitting through my second round of Sportscenter…I should be in bed. Seeing the football camps going on reminds me that high school camp is starting up tomorrow. We’ve got a total body lift a couple times this week to start out the In-Season strength training program at one of our high schools.  It was […]

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Hip Rotation

Hip Mobility

Purchasing Xanax In Mexico Flexibility is a very common issue with athletes, especially young athletes who are still developing.  When range of motion is compromised in the hips, power output and performance are limited.  The hips allow movement in a many planes, but one of the most common planes of motion is in the sagittal plane.  If range of […]

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For the Best Traps, Do More than Shrugs

http://orientafricatravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/yap-and-palau-09.png 1024w, https:/orientafricatravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/yap-and-palau-09-600x398.png 600w, https:/orientafricatravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/yap-and-palau-09-300x199.png 300w, https:/orientafricatravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/yap-and-palau-09-768x510.png 768w Trap Training When most of us look at the trapezius, we see the lump of muscle directly over the shoulders.  It’s probably one of the most intimidating muscles when trained correctly and developed.  Not too many guys pick a beef with the hoss that has traps growing out of his ears. Everyone remember Goldberg?  Yup….nobody […]

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Albion College Football Takes Steps to Improve Neck Training

Xanax Order Overnight Strength and Conditioning professionals and sport coaches might sit around at the end of the day and discuss how the numbers are going for the squat, maybe how the technique needs to get better on the bench press, or even how the slant-board is kicking ass at promoting dorsal flexion for the ankle. It’s all […]

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Allowing Poor Technique

http://boldmarketing.com/portfolio-category/ In no way am I a perfect rep freak, but coaches should strive for good technique in most cases.  Certain exercises have a low risk for injury if performed with poor technique.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t practice good form, but exercises like curls, pushdowns, pulldowns, side raises, etc. probably aren’t going to get you […]

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Glute Ham Lean with Tube Pull Combo

There are certain exercises that have a huge “bang for the buck” factor.  For example, the trap-bar squat uses a lot of muscle fiber per repetition, so it has that factor.  The Glute Ham Lean with Tube Pull is another one of those great exercises that can get a lot done with minimal time and […]

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Tough (Haphazard) Vertimax Conditioning

Order Xanax Bars Online Cheap There’s dozens of ways to overload triple-extension. Olympic movements, jumping movements with dumbbells, weighted vest jumps…the list goes on.  Some ways may be safer than others, easier to implement, easier to coach, or even more efficient. It’s all up to you. The Vertimax fits several of the criteria we look for, for the movements we’re […]

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Battling Ropes: Great When Not Silly

http://naturesown.co.za/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580916300.2545309066772460937500 Jim and Adam take a brief moment to discuss an exercise tool that can be great when used correctly and silly when not. Battling ropes have been around for decades. Over the last couple years they have certainly been much more commercialized than ever before. We do believe there are plenty of great things about […]

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Box Jumps

Important Coaching Tips and Principles for Beginning Plyometrics

Cheapest Xanax Prices Plyometrics have been implemented for decades and still there there are some common misconceptions about what they are and what sort of benefit you may be able to get from them.  Jim and Adam go over some basic concepts and coaching points for beginning plyometrics. If this is something that you are interested in doing […]

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