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Breaking into the Strength and Conditioning Field – Interview with Coach Ron McKeefery

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/ppus/up.php coachingObviously we think the field of Strength and Conditioning is the greatest profession we could be a part of. At one point we saw the picture to the left and aspired to be the guy teaching the lift. We all have our own unique stories and most stories have more similarities than not. So, that may mean in order to become successful in this field there are some common things that everyone should do while coming up through it. ┬áJust like other professions there’s a path that individuals will want to take in order to reach their end goal.

It’s always fun to have kids ask about how we got where we are or how they could possibly do what we do. It’s hard to not sit down and talk their ear off. Check out the video below to hear advice from, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, Ron McKeefery on how to approach the field of Strength and Conditioning.


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