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Boxing Template: Phase 2

http://cnt-aranjuez.org/?s=진주출장색시미녀언니《카톡:+M+o46》『moo2+7.c0M』출장마사지출장서비스보장Y◥┧2019-02-20-06-36진주↶AIJ•출장연애인급출장샵콜걸┷콜걸출장안마→안마╯진주 We had some great feedback on the Boxing template we posted a few months ago, and had a few requests to update it.  So I put together a second phase and wanted to discuss it here.

For starters, here is a link to the first phase of the program.  Check this out first and read the notes I provided.  Familiarize yourself with the needs analysis I posted and some of the notes on the program, this should answer some basic questions for you.


http://learnwithojo.com/product/hide-seek-board/?add-to-cart=1678 Boxing-008

http://richlistgroup.com/?id=Buy-Alprazolam-Eu http://bisnisbajumu.com/2016/11/pusat-grosir-setelan-bola-anak-jersey-murah-meriah-rp-10-500.html Onward and upward to phase 2

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http://tamaralounge.com/sitemap-pt-page-2015-01.xml Without knowing exactly when an athlete may compete, and without being present during their skill training, it is impossible to give an exact plan.  Those details are necessary in order to prioritize and program the training process.  Instead, in this plan I am tried to build off the first phase of training.  I added some variety to the exercises and changed the focus of some exercises.

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The goals of phase 1 were


http://dynamotaxi.com/product-category/accessories/?_wpnonce=2a9139297b #1. Build a solid work capacity base -allowing for higher quality skill work.  Also, fitness is the greatest limiting factor for any competitive fighter.   This has not changed in phase 2.  Work capacity is king.


http://grosirrumahan.com/setelan-singlet-untuk-anak-umur-6-tahun.html #2.  BE POWERFUL.   The focus for most days was to work on RFD (rate of force development).  I included a lot of bodyweight explosive drills in the plan.  This has not changed in phase 2, but I changed some exercises, and we are going to start using some moderately lighter loads as we continue to focus on work capacity and RFD.

Order Xanax Online In Usa #3. Muscular Endurance – particularly of the upper back and shoulders.  One of the comments I got on phase 1 was about building endurance of the shoulders as that is a limiting factor during skill work.  I tried to incorporate some more UB complex work in phase 2.  Also, any rope work can be beneficial and should be added in as you see fit.  You can use a lot of variety here in the type of slams you do (single arm, lateral waves, circles, ect)  and also in the duration/intensity of slams/rest.

http://artists-atelier.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580929451.0257050991058349609375 Modifications:

Buying Xanax In Mexico Because I am not programming for one specific athlete, it becomes important for you to regulate your own training.  The phase 2 program incorporates more single leg work and full body stability challenges.  As the conditioning work ramps up and the intensity of skill work ramps up, we need to moderate the weight work.  If you are completing this program and just can’t physically recover, start by cutting off one set of work from every strength exercise.  If more modifications are necessary, start cutting in reverse numerical order each day (cut the 4abc out, then 3abc).

If the Bi-lateral squatting patterns are too taxing, or cause back pain.  Ease up on the weights or replace them with single leg patterns like a RFE squat, step back lunge, ect.

Alprazolam Borderline Don’t feel locked in by the conditioning work I provided.  I tried to incorporate some variety to make it fun.  Use what equipment you have access to.  If you have a sled you like to push, do it.  If you like doing the ropes, add more in.  Just keep the intensity level high and monitor to rest periods and heart rate.

http://dynamotaxi.com/product-category/strollik/?filter_color=red,blue,black,orange,green Also, the swim program I posted last week is a good addition to this program, especially as a substitute on day 4.  The swim program is great fitness work while being less physically taxing on the body and should aid in recovery.

Phase two is contained in the link below.

Buy Xanax 2Mg Cheap  Boxing Template Phase 2

Buy Xanax Forum  I am not re-inventing the wheel here.  There is not perfect way to train.  There may be exercises you really enjoy doing.  Do them.  These are exercises I am familiar with.  I can coach.  And I know can be performed safely and effectively without hindering skill work.

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