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Sprint Mechanics Video Part 1 & 2

http://junction25.com/robots.txt Teaching sprinting mechanics to athletes has become one of the most popular activities of modern strength and conditioning coaches.  Twenty years ago, this was rarely done, but today we see mechanics instruction going on in just about every sport imaginable. While many coaches have experience in this area and are able to provide quality instruction, […]

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Tim "Red" Wakeham (middle) with his staff at MSU

Motivation & Leadership Development Seminar – Tim Wakeham, Michigan State University

Online Valium Prescriptions The psychological aspect of coaching and developing leadership in athletes is one of the most important, yet elusive, in all of sports.  Why is it that some athlete’s exhibit high motivation and mental toughness while others frustrate coaches with a lack of discipline, dedication and work ethic?  More importantly, can these things be taught? Tim […]

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Speed & Agility Revolution book (PDF) by Jim Kielbaso

The first book to ever break down sprint mechanics, acceleration mechanics and agility mechanics into easy-to-understand terms was Jim Kielbaso’s Speed & Agility Revolution.  Highly acclaimed by many strength & conditioning coaches, this book is available to USC Lifetime members as a special bonus. In the book you will find: Sprint, acceleration & agility mechanics […]

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Strong Content of The Week: 7/9/14

    What a busy week with a nice relaxing break for the 4th tucked right it!  Hope everyone is enjoying the summertime grind and is still able to take that education to new heights.  Short and sweet this week, but this content is STRONG! Enjoy!   Gabriel Naspinski-  http://articles.elitefts.com/training-articles/three-guidelines-for-coaching-youth-athletes/ Eric Cressey-  http://www.ericcressey.com/back-squat-technique-right-grip Kevin Neeld- […]

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Strong Content of The Week: 5/20/14

 -Fredrick Douglas  Another week has gone by, and boy was it filled with a variety of some great content.  I love the strength coach community because everyone wants to help promote each other and educate their audience.  That audience consists of many different online outlets, some of the articles featured on the list were posted […]

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