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Free Weights vs. Machines – Ken Mannie

By Ken Mannie Strength/Conditioning Coach – Michigan State University One of the frequently asked questions we receive is, “Do you guys use free weights (i.e., barbells and dumbbells) or machines in your program design?” Our answer is simple – we use both. We believe in a comprehensive strength training system that, while structured, allows for […]

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High Performance Handbook Cover

Q & A with Eric Cressey

You may have read my review of Eric Cressey’s new product the High Performance Handbook recently.  I mentioned in the review that I was going to ask Eric a few questions, and he responded right away.  Like I said, he’s a great guy who loves to teach, so taking the time to answer a few […]

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High Performance Handbook Cover

Eric Cressey’s High Performance Handbook Review

I don’t get overly excited when people send me programs and products to review because, honestly, there is a lot of garbage out there.  I’m sure you hear all about every product on the internet, and I try hard to only talk about things I think are worthwhile – quality products created by quality people […]

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Mini-History of Strongman Training

We’ve shared some of Strongman Competitor Dave Pankow’s thoughts on training, so we found it fitting to include this short documentary on Strongman training.  It is by no means a complete historical synopsis of the sport, but it shares some interesting information about the recent history. Strongman training has been used for over 100 years, […]

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HS Weight Room 3

Practical is the New Functional

I love innovation. I love new exercise variations.  I love learning new methods.  I love new technology.  It’s fun for me to watch new trends come and go, and I enjoy trying to predict what’s coming. Over the past year, however, it’s been hammered home time and time again that practicality is one of the […]

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3-D Hamstring Stretch

Flexibility Mini-Series Part 2: 3-D Stretching

Part 2 of our Flexibility Mini-Series discusses 3-D stretching. The concept of 3-D stretching was introduced to me by renowned physical therapist Gary Gray, and I now use some version of it with just about every athlete I train. To take advantage of 3-D stretching, all you really need to know are some basic stretches […]

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Perfect Stretch

Flexibility Mini-Series Part 1

This is Part 1 in a mini-series on flexibility.  While flexibility is certainly an integral part of athleticism, perhaps too much has been made of its importance to speed and agility. Many coaches and trainers believe that increasing flexibility as much as possible will allow the muscles to move more freely through their range of […]

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Maintaining Weight In-Season

Getting bigger and stronger is a priority for many athletes over the summer.  Putting on size is a major concern for many football, hockey, and basketball players wanting to improve their game.  I cant tell you how often I hear guys saying that they need to put on size.  By the end of the summer, […]

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From the Weightroom to the Field

It’s a few weeks into the football season and most of us have been able to see the kids we train perform on the field. Strength and Conditioning Coaches generally have a very realistic perspective on an athletes character. We see it revealed in the weighroom and then on the field. Take a few minutes […]

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Programming for Football

Football coach and trainer Steve Greene discusses the key components involved in a football training program. As another summer fades and gives rise to the fall, countless football players join the ranks of gym rats, their minds, bodies and hearts poised on being the best player of the gridiron.  The unending and unyielding search for […]

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Barbell 2

Shades of Grey – Part 3

In this edition of Shades of Grey, we will explore Spinal Flexion Exercises and Olympic Lifting. If you didn’t catch the beginning of this series, I started it because I’ve been thinking about some of the things that I’ve changed my mind about through the years.  These are things I used to see in black […]

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Advanced Plyometric Training

Plyometrics have always been a great supplemental training option. For some reason It’s often used as a way to condition or “slop” around, but here Jim includes it early in the workout for optimal training benefits. These athletes are producing a lot of rapid force into the ground and they’ll get a lot out of […]

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Mental Toughness will Transfer

For the Coaches out there, every workout you’re a part of is an opportunity to teach. Maybe you’re teaching the kids how to perform a certain lift, maybe it’s how to choose their weight, or maybe it’s just how to put a collar on a bar. Yeah, believe it or not, it needs to be […]

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