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Attitude is a Choice

A friend and co-worker once dropped this line on me.  I had been having a bad morning, and I was very short and temperamental with one of our interns, undeservedly so.  As I continued to bitch and whine like a brat, my fellow coach looked at me and said “Adam, attitude is a choice”.   That’s […]

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The Golden Rules of Training

You know those so called “Golden Rules” in life, the ones where, if your actions are true to the rule, the consequences will always be positive.  Kind of like “treat others as you would like to be treated”.  Well, recently I was wondering, what are the golden rules of training? What are the guidelines that, […]

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Missing The Mark

I once read a story about a man who had taken up archery as a hobby.  He was taking a weekly activity class for adults which was taught by an older gentleman who gave lessons on safety and basic skills.  As the man aimed shot after shot and watched his arrows struggle wildly towards the […]

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A Few Quick Considerations For Training the Shoulder

A few quick points on training the muscles of the upper back. I want to build of the article I posted a couple weeks ago discussing reducing injuries with our athletes and different strategies we can employ in our strength program.  We really only scratched the surface, and the videos I posted focused on the […]

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Training Perspectives from an Endurance Athlete

At USC, we want to give you the best information and education on training possible.  The mission and purpose of the content posted on this site is to put you, the coaches and your athletes, in the best possible position to succeed with your physical preparation.  In order to do this, I feel it is […]

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