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Quick Hits: Planning and Variety

Married and Meticulous I am getting married this weekend. We will be spending the next week in the woods, doing a 4 day backpacking trip through the Great Smoky Mountains. I am an outdoors enthusiast, and my leisure recreation of choice is to spend time in the woods hiking, specifically, I like to do multi-day […]

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Mailbag: College vs. Private Coaching

Hello, my name is Stephen. I have been reading the site off and on for about a year. In a lot of your articles you talk about college strength programs versus private training and I was hoping you could elaborate a little more on that. I graduated last year with a degree in Exercise Science […]

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Re-Tooling the Side Plank

http://junction25.com/wp-info.php To me, core work should be about ANTI- movement patterns. We want to be in positions where we can brace up and resist the forces of gravity/bands/weights. Exercises like planks (anti-extension) or side planks (anti-lateral flexion) are great ways to teach bracing and to develop the muscular corset we want around the abdomen. These exercises […]

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Guest Post: Distance Running

http://junction25.com/movie-chit-ozinho-xoror-ao-vivo-em-garibaldi We have had some new help at our facility the last couple weeks, and it has led to some new discussions on endurance athletics. Matt Masserant is a successful personal trainer and a competitive distance runner.  Matt graduated with a degree in health sciences from Oakland University and holds a Correctional Exercise Specialist certification from […]

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The Three Wisemen

Stop me if you have heard this one before. Three coaches walk into a weight room. A powerlifter. An Olympic lifter. And a “functional” coach. The powerlifter says to the others. “The squat and press are how you train athletes.” The Olympic lifter says “If I had it my way, I’d only clean and snatch […]

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CSCCa Conference 2014 Review

We have a new guest this week, Zach Houghton.  Zach is a strength and conditioning coach at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  A few weeks ago Zach went to the CSCCa conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I asked Zach to provide us with a quick review of his experiences at the conference, and […]

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Education of an Intern

This last semester, I had one of the best interns I have ever had.  This young man showed the three qualities I absolutely love in an intern: Work ethic, enthusiasm, and initiative.  In fact, he did such a good job, we hired him.  Which should be the goal for any intern out there.  Make yourself […]

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