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Allowing Poor Technique

Phentermine Tablets Online In no way am I a perfect rep freak, but coaches should strive for good technique in most cases.  Certain exercises have a low risk for injury if performed with poor technique.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t practice good form, but exercises like curls, pushdowns, pulldowns, side raises, etc. probably aren’t going to get you hurt if technique gets a little sloppy.  It’s not necessarily OK, but you’re probably not going to get hurt.

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/tag/picture-books/feed/ On exercises where poor technique could easily lead to injury, like the squat, deadlift, and Olympic lifts, strength coaches should absolutely demand good technique.  It might not always be perfect, but a coach should continually provide feedback and instruction in an attempt to make it perfect.

Unfortunately, YouTube has shown us that the Olympic lifts get absolutely bastardized in an attempt to move a lot of weight and get hyped up.  Recently, the Strength Performance Network posted some videos that show high level athletes performing garbage reps:

Usain Bolt – Here is the fastest man in the world using absolutely horrible technique on the clean and thinking it is fantastic.  I’m not in any way saying that he’d be even faster if he used better technique.  He’s such a freak that I don’t think it would matter at all, but it’s irresponsible to post something like this and even more irresponsible of his coach to allow him to do this.

http://junction25.com/wp-includes/rediraction.php Lolo Jones Video – OK, I really like and admire Lolo Jones, so I feel kind of bad using her as an example.  In my opinion, she’s one of the most intriguing figures in US Track & Field – a true representation of the Olympic spirit who works hard and doesn’t allow set backs to stop her.  The only reason I’m including this video is because I’m always amazed (not in a good way) by the workouts our top T & F athletes show online.  This is nowhere near as bad as Usain Bolt’s, but you get the point.

http://junction25.com/098.php Football Training Video – Here’s a guy who was a college coach, training some guys for a combine, where their health is the most important thing, and he has them using this kind of technique.  When you have the trust of a kid, and they’ve bought into you 100%, you have a responsibility.  Poor technique is actually congratulated here.  I’m all for intensity and effort, but you be the judge of this one.

Phentermine Diet Pill Buy Online Mark Rippetoe Clean Instruction – Here is what it should look like with a coach actually coaching good technique.  Sure, it’s a difficult movement, but it CAN be coached properly instead of throwing weight around.

http://nancynorthcott.jim-mcdonald.net/tag/romance/ Pyrros Dimas – Again, this is what it should look like.

I’ve talked to numerous athletes who have gotten hurt, in one way or another, using poor technique on the clean.  Most often it happens with heavier weights, but I suppose there is a risk on every rep if done poorly.  I believe we have a professional and personal responsibility to at least TRY to get athletes to use good technique, especially when their livelihood depends on it.  It CAN be done.

Jim Kielbaso

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