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4 Steps to Begin Coaching the Neck

Fall seasons are coming to an end and off-season strength training is beginning for a number of sports. If you’re planning out the workouts for these athletes and never have designed or implemented direct neck training for them in the past, now is a great time to start. Lately I’ve heard fewer excuses for why not to include this type of training in an athletes program and that’s awesome. It’s not something that has to be significantly invasive to what you’re already doing and I’ll give you some things to consider before you begin.

Step 1

Buy Xanax From Canada Online You first have to decide what sort of resources you have available and do the best you can with them. Most of the time manual resistance (MR) neck exercises are going to be a readily available option, so I’ll be using them in my examples. MR exercise is a great option when you have lots of athletes to train and minimal to no equipment. Many of us are in that situation.

http://orientafricatravel.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580930153.2880198955535888671875 If you aren’t comfortable teaching MR exercises, you first have to learn. They’re exercises that need to be learned and taught correctly. If they’re being performed incorrectly during neck training, they’ll be dangerous and useless. Even if you’re comfortable using MR for some exercises like shoulder side raises, but have never learned the neck movements, you’ll need to.

837612fdd9420e9a144361438edabaf7 Some of the area high schools I’m a part of are fortunate enough to have great neck machines and I urge you to find ways to raise money for this to be your next weight room purchase.

Buy Xanax Au Step 2

If MR neck exercises are going to be your choice to implement, you then have to which of your athletes/teams will be mature enough to do them correctly. They’ll be spotting each other directly and some athletes just won’t be mature enough to touch each other.

For example, I’ve attempted in the past to implement them for varsity volleyball and cheerleading…it failed. It went well the first time, but not the second or third, so I had to make the decision to drop the idea. We were only able to do shrugs and that’s ok.  This experience doesn’t mean I won’t try again, but at that time women’s varsity volleyball and women’s varsity cheerleading weren’t ready. I’ve had success with freshman football at the same school, so maybe it wasn’t an age issue.

http://naturesown.co.za/product/vegan-digestive-enzymes-tabs-50/ Think about what you have to work with and who will be doing the exercises. Be patient and put some thought into how you’re going to convey the importance of doing these correctly. If you can get the young athlete to buy into the importance of strengthening the area it’ll help a lot.  I’ve found it to be extremely easy to sell the idea to coaches and parents. Having them on board will always help.

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http://bisnisbajumu.com/tag/grosir-baju-wanita-murah-tanah-abang Ok, so you’ve thought about what resources you have and who’s going to be doing the training. Now you have to decide which exercises you’ll be doing. I’ll make this easy for you. You’re going to do MR Front Neck, MR Back Neck, and Shrugs.  There you go. 


http://artists-atelier.com/category/blog/river/page/2/ I’m talking about these specific exercises for high school age athletes. These exercises are going to be the safest and most efficient to implement.  I like lateral bending, but I only like it done in certain machines and spotted MR by experienced coaches. Also, the movement takes twice the time since you would have to do both sides. It may not be necessary. I’ve actually started with front and back, then moved to include the lateral movement. What about rotation? I think MR rotational movements are unnecessary because of the nature of the muscles involved in rotation and flexion, they are the same so I’m just going to do the movement I think is safer to train. Sort of like killing two birds with one stone.  Always think practically about how you train your kids.  

Where Can I Buy Alprazolam Cod Step 4

http://richlistgroup.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580965260.2971680164337158203125 Ok, so you have your exercises.

Buy Xanax India Online When and how you implement them is going to ultimately be up to you. This is where we tend to over-think things. Just keep it real simple and don’t get set on “there’s only one way” to do things.  Here are some examples of how I’ve implemented neck training in the past.

  1. Everyone comes into the weigtroom at the same time, so I have everyone partner up and get the exercises done together. This has worked great for me in the summers and winters when the large teams like football, lax, hockey, and wrestling show up together at the same time.
  2. They all trickle in at different times whenever they want for 2 hours, so I constantly run around coaching. I like to stay away from this one, but it happens. You just have to do your best with it and smile.
  3. They trickle in during a 10-15 minute period for the same workout.  It works to just have them do a general warm-up or even start other parts of their workout. Then when everyone gets there I’ll start the neck training.

How you do the training is up to you and there’s thousands of ways to do it. Each school I go to and even the different teams within that school have neck training implemented different ways. What you choose should be consistent if possible.

http://bandarbaju.com/tag/daster-busui-jumbo Now you have to decide how many sets and reps.

Cheapest Xanax In Torn City Some research has demonstrated a greater increase in cervical extension strength (Back Neck) when groups trained 2 times per week compared to 1 time. This same research demonstrated that you might only need 1 set of the exercise to attain a strength increase.  So, the thinking is done for us. Perform at least 1 set of the exercise at least 2 times per week on nonconsecutive days.

Buy Yellow Xanax Bars The workout can look like this:

  1. MR Front Neck X 10
  2. Shrug X 10-15
  3. MR Back Neck X 10
  4. Shrug X 10-15

http://audiodescription.co.uk/members If the exercise is done correctly, sets of 10 for front neck and back neck will put the muscles under enough tension to produce an adaptation.  Starting at 10 will allow me to increase stress during the exercise by just increasing the number of reps. All things being equal, if I add 2 reps to front neck after a couple weeks of 10, I’ll be progressively overloading. I’ll stop at 15 reps before maybe I just add another set to the workout.  If the repetition speed of the neck exercises is 4 seconds (2-3sec. eccentric/2-3 sec. concentric) and they are doing 15 reps, it’s at least a minute long set. That’s enough for a high school athlete.

Ordering Alprazolam Online If this workout is done on Monday and Thursday, they got in 2 sets of front neck, 2 sets of back neck, and 4 sets of shrugs in their week. That’s certainly sufficient while starting out. Just remember,” how to before how much”.

Generic Valium Online Uk The MR exercises have a target rep (X10) and the shrugs have a rep range (X 10-15).  I feel more comfortable teaching the athletes how to safely fatigue each other by a specific rep during the neck exercises vs. telling them to “choose a weight and go to failure”, like I’d like them to do on the shrugs. Once they reach 15+ for the shrugs, they go up in weight.

http://junction25.com/wp-content/plugins/widget-logic/mini.php Right now is a great time to start using some of these ideas with your workouts. You just have to think about what resources you have to work with, who’s doing the workout, what exercises you’re going to do, and then you’ll need to do some creative thinking to determine what the best way for you to implement the training is.

Buy 100 Diazepam Train Hard and Smart,

Adam Stoyanoff MS, CSCS

2 Responses to 4 Steps to Begin Coaching the Neck

  1. Mike December 4, 2012 at 8:09 am #

    Do you think doing this 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) would be too much for 13-17 yo athletes?

  2. Stoyanoff December 9, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    Buy Cheap Diazepam From India Good question Mike. I’m assuming we’re talking about 9-12 graders at your place. The workout I suggested above can certainly be done on those days. By the end of the week, you’d be finishing 3 sets of Front Neck, 3 Sets of Back Neck, and 6 sets of Shrug. If it works well into your workouts, there’s no reason to believe that sort of volume would be too much. I’ve seen it work great in that way.